NIU Policies

With the merger of the Office of Sponsored Projects and Grants Fiscal Administration and the implementation of new Federal granting regulations, we are currently reviewing all sponsored program policies and procedures. If you have a question regarding the policies and/or procedures that may affect your proposal or award, please contact your Research Development Specialist or Grant Administrator for assistance.

Thank you for your patience.

Sponsored Programs Administration

University Research PoliciesGuidanceDate
Biosafety This policy is established to safeguard the health and safety of NIU personnel, students, the community, and the environment from exposure of biohazardous agents. Projects involving of recombinant DNA and/or pathogenic organisms must comply with this policy. 7/05/10
Conflict of Interest This policy is designed to ensure that research at NIU be unbiased and of the highest integrity.  
Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) This policy governs the use of animals in research and instruction activities conducted at NIU. 8/01/11
Intellectual Property and Patents This policy outlines the oversight and management of intellectual property (IP) created at NIU by students, faculty, and staff. 4/22/11
Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB) This policy governs the use of human subjects in research conducted at NIU. 9/16/03
Research Integrity This policy sets forth the expectations for students, faculty, and staff to adhere to the principles of research integrity and outlines the management of research misconduct at NIU.  5/02/07