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Funding Opportunities: Arts, Humanities & International

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Unsolicited Proposals

The majority of USAID funding is competitively awarded through specific requests or invitations. However, USAID will also consider five-page concept papers and 15-page proposals that describe programs to advance U.S. foreign assistance objectives that do not fit within their existing specific requests for proposals. 

Applicants must demonstrate clear understanding of USAID development goals and objectives (i.e., align with current sector and country strategies as described on the USAID website http://transition.usaid.gov/) and should propose specific institutional linkages that are not supported by other USAID programs. Projects that are based only in the U.S. or that propose U.S. infrastructure development are not eligible.

A 25% match (in-kind or cash) is required.  Deadlines (target dates) for submission are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 annually.

See http://transition.usaid.gov/university/ for more detailed information and a link to application instructions.

For an extensive list of grant deadlines and program descriptions, visit to the Grants Resource Center (GRC). GRC publishes an upcoming "Deadlines" list each month. Various Fellowships are included. To access GRC, you must be linked to an NIU server.  A proxy login is available; contact your Research Development Specialist for off-campus login information.

Please note that NIU faculty and staff may not be eligible to apply for all the programs listed at the GRC site; some may have geographic limitations or be targeted to medical schools, minority institutions, etc.  Check individual agency sites for detailed guidelines of a particular listing, or contact your Research Development Specialist for assistance in determining eligibility for a funding opportunity.