Financial Resources & Information

For Students Called to Active Duty

If called to active duty, the student will need to make sure that his/her finances are being handled appropriately in his/her absence. Please make sure the following areas are attended to before leaving: 

Veterans' Educational Benefits

Students who are called into active military service may have questions concerning educational benefits currently being received and the application process when reentering after active duty.

Students have only a limited amount of time between notification that they are being called to active duty and their report dates. To ensure that all concerns about educational benefits are handled, please contact:

Military Student Services

Adams Hall Room 409
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

Phone: 815-753-0691
Fax: 815-753-0943


Loan Information

When called to active duty, it is important to make arrangements for student loans. Please contact the student Financial Aid office for assistance.



A student who withdraws from the university because his/her military reserve unit has been called into active duty will receive a full refund of payment made for tuition. The assessment made for required student fees will be pro-rated except for the health insurance fee. Charges for room and board, if living in university residence halls, will be pro-rated according to check-out date.

After tuition and fees and room and board (if living in university residence halls) charges have been adjusted and any refund due has been determined, a refund check will be sent to the student at his/her permanent address.

It should be noted that, if the student has received financial aid, the university may be required to refund to the source of that aid.

To request a refund of payments made for tuition (and fees and room and board, if living in university residence halls), please contact:

     The Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
     Altgeld Hall 208
     Phone: 815-753-1573

A copy of the student’s military orders must accompany the request for refund.