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Latino Resource Center


Our Vision & Mission:

The Latino Resource Center (LRC) is a diversity center under the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Northern Illinois University (NIU) designed to serve the Latina/o student population. The mission of the LRC is to promote a social justice agenda as well as an inclusive environment where we seek to recruit, retain, empower, and advance Latina/o students at NIU. The LRC achieves this mission by offering mentoring programs, leadership programs, peer support groups, and academic advancement programs.

The LRC also possesses a strong commitment to the following:

• Providing a safe space for all students irrespective of nationality, language, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, or immigrant status. To support the development of self-advocacy of students so that they may attain their academic and professional aspirations.

• Understanding the value of family involvement in a student’s educational journey and engaging the family unit through outreach initiatives and community collaboration.

•  Promoting an agenda that supports Latino student success by actively participating in nationwide and statewide movements and seeking ways to collaborate with local entities.

• Developing programs that not only target the needs of students but also focus on the immediate issues and concerns of our community.


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Undocumented Students

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Undocumented Students

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