Pregnancy Testing Options

If you have done a home pregnancy test and the results are:

Positive – There is no need to repeat the pregnancy test. 

Negative – You're unlikely pregnant. However, if you did the pregnancy test before a missed period, you may want to repeat the test a day or two after the first missed period.

If you think you may be pregnant and haven't done a pregnancy test, a home pregnancy test should be done.


  • Health Services Pharmacy – Approximate Cost: $5 for a single kit; $9 for a double test kit.
  • We Care Pregnancy Clinic (403 N. 5th Street, DeKalb, 815-748-4242) - No cost
  • Retail pharmacy  -  Cost: $5 - $15
  • Planned Parenthood Centers - visit for locations and cost 

Please note, pregnancy testing is: 

  • More accurate as time gets closer to the date of the expected period.
  • Most accurate if used after a missed period.