Available Services

Women's Health

Women's health services are provided in a thoughtful, personalized and confidential manner. The quality of care received and the experience provided by the doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners in Women's Health is reassuring to many patients.

To better serve women with gynecological health needs, appointments are required. To accommodate students with varying schedules, appointments can be made one to two weeks in advance. A full Women's Health exam SHOULD be canceled within 24 hours. A missed appointment fee is assessed to students who miss their appointment.

Most women's health services such as a full exam (includes a breast check, pelvic exam) are provided free of charge. STI testing is provided as a fee for service. A pap smear may or may not be indicated at the time of the full exam.

Thin prep (TP) pap testing is done exclusively. If a pap is done, there will be a $45 charge. Based on TP results, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) testing will be done for an additional charge of $70. If you are covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan, these charges will automatically be covered. If you carry other health insurance, you will be responsible for the charges; you may submit the charges to your private insurance carrier for potential reimbursement.

Pregnancy Testing: Health Services does not provide routine pregnancy testing

Obstetrical care is not available at the Health Services.  Please see Pregnancy Options.

Birth Control Options

A variety of birth control options are available through Women's Health. The options include:

  • Condoms (Available for free at Health Services or Health Enhancement Services)
  • Birth control pills
  • Depo-provera injections
  • Diaphragms
  • Nuva Ring
  • IUD
  • Nexplanon

Emergency contraception is also available at the Health Services Pharmacy.

Specialty Services

Colposcopy services are provided on a fee for service basis. For colposcopy appointments, 24-hour cancellation notice is required, or a missed appointment fee will be assessed.

To make a Women's Health appointment, please call 815-753-1311.