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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use Health Services?

Health Services is available to all students, full or part-time, living on or off campus, who are registered and have been assessed on-campus tuition and fees. Students may use Health Services without being enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Do I need Student Health Insurance or other Health Insurance to be seen at Health Services?

NO, simply meet the eligibility requirements above.

What does it cost to use Health Services?

Most costs are covered by student fees. Students who have been assessed on-campus student fees are eligible to use Health Services during a semester. There are no additional charges for most services, including physician visits, x-rays, and general lab tests. However, there are charges for medications, immunizations, testing, specialized medical procedures, some durable medical supplies, and missed appointments. Some of these fees may be covered by the NIU Student Health Insurance Plan or the students private insurance. Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office at 815-753-0122 for information about insurance coverage under the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Where is Health Services located?

Click here for Location details and map.

What are the Health Services hours?

Click here for Health Service Hours

Where can I find important telephone numbers?

Telephone numbers. 

Is meningococcal meningitis vaccine available?

Health Services offers a meningitis vaccine to students at their request.

Does Health Services have doctors on staff?

Yes, Health Services has physicians and nurse practitioners on staff.

Can I get a note to let my professor or employer know that I had a doctor's appointment?

Yes, Health Services can provide verification of visit. However that does not automatically excuse you from class/work. A professor or employer has the prerogative of excusing you from class or from work obligations.   

Does Health Services have a pharmacy?

Yes, Health Services has a full service pharmacy. 

Does Health Services accept prescription cards?

No, Health Services does not accept prescription cards. The Health Services Pharmacy is a nonprofit pharmacy, and prescription prices are typically lower than at other pharmacies. In many cases, prescriptions cost less than the students' insurance plan co-pay. Also, students are given receipts for all transactions with the pharmacy to submit to their insurance company, if they desire. Beginning Fall 2014 (8/15/14) NIU Student Health Insurance Plan will have prescription drug coverage. Pharmacy will bill the NIU Student Health Insurance Plan for patient prescriptions at an across the board $15.00 copay for all pharmaceuticals we carry. Copays at outside pharmacies will be $25 (generic)/$40 (preferred)/$60 (non-preferred).

If Health Services is closed, what do students do?

There are several options for students when Health Services is closed.

What services are available for students with disabilities?

The University offers many services to student with disabilities. To learn more, visit the Disability Resource Center web site.

Is there a student health insurance plan?

Yes, NIU has the Student Health Insurance Plan.

For additional questions call:

815-753-1311 - Medical and General Health Related Subjects

815-753-0122 - Insurance Questions