Schedule an Appointment

Health Services sees patients primarily by appointment. To schedule an appointment do one of the following:

  • Call 815-753-1311
  • Go to the Health Services front desk and talk with a scheduler 

A registered nurse is available for phone calls to answer basic health related questions.

NIU student fees cover most services provided by Health Services. There are no charges for x-rays, physician or nurse visits. There are charges for medications, immunizations, missed appointments, some lab tests, and certain specialized procedures and supplies. Charges may be paid by cash, check, credit card or charged to your NIU Bursars account.  Some charges are covered by Student Health Insurance. You will receive an invoice at the time of service that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please be aware that Health Services is not a preferred provider on any Medicaid/public aid or other insurance plan and cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed for charges incurred.

No Show/Missed Appointment Fees

To encourage students to keep their appointments, or to call if they cannot, Health Services has implemented the following no show/missed appointment fees.

  • Medical Services $25
  • Women’s and Men’s Health  $25
  • Colposcopy, IUD, Nexplanon insertion $50
  • Psychiatry (initial visit) $75
  • Psychiatry (return visit)  $50

To avoid a no show/missed appointment fee, cancel the appointment prior to its schedule time by calling Health Services at 815-753-1311 (available 24-hours) or by going to our Secure Patient Website.   

Missed Appointment Fee Appeal Form (pdf)

Excuse and Verification of Visit

Health Services will provide, upon request, a Verification of Visit/Walk-Out statement for patients. This verification of visit may be used for academic, employment or other such purposes. We do not provide excuses for absences due to illnesses or injuries treated at this facility, nor do we release information on inquiry concerning you without your written authorization.

  • To request proof of a visit, you will be directed to the Pharmacy to obtain a “walk-out” statement to serve as verification of visit.
  • You can also obtain a “walk-out” statement by accessing the Pharmacy information.
  • If more detailed information is required please inquire at the the front desk and the Health Information Management, Release of Information department can assist you in obtaining copies of medical records.
  • A professor or employer has the prerogative of excusing you from class or from work obligations.