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Financial Support

Application for Graduate Assistantship

Unified Scholarship Application

For the Brian Fugiel, Carla Montgomery, Edgar Odom, and John R. Young scholarships.

Samuel S. Goldich Fund

Eugene C. Perry Scholarship
Fund Application

Submission Deadlines
submit Unified Scholarship and Perry Scholarship applications by the first Friday in March

submit Goldich Fund applications by the first Friday in October or the first Friday in March


Financial Support

Department Scholarships, Fellowships and Research Support

Jonathan H. Berg Fellowship (Graduate students)
Departmental fellowship available to current or incoming graduate students in Geology and Environmental Geosciences.

Brian Fugiel Scholarship (Graduate students)
Departmental scholarship available to graduate students pursuing field studies as part of their thesis or dissertation research.

Samuel S. Goldich Fund (Graduate students)
Departmental fund that supports student research and participation in professional conferences.

Carla Montgomery Graduate Scholarship in Geochemistry (Graduate students)
Departmental scholarship available to graduate students studying geochemistry or applying geochemical principles to solving geological problems.

Carla Montgomery Undergraduate Scholarship in Geology (Undergraduate students)
Departmental scholarship intended to recognize students who have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence.

Ira Edgar Odom Scholarship (Graduate and Undergraduate students)
Departmental scholarship available to students studying Mineralogy or Petrology.

Eugene C. Perry Scholarship Fund (Undergraduate and Graduate students)
Departmental scholarship to support students working in Latin America, or Latin American or U.S. Latino students pursuing a graduate degree in Geology and Environmental Geosciences.

John R. Young Scholarship (Undergraduate students)
Departmental scholarship available to undergraduate majors in any emphasis in Geology and Environmental Geosciences.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Teaching and research assistantships provide a monthly stipend and a full tuition waiver in return for students working 20 hours a week. Students on assistantship are responsible for paying course and university fees. Teaching assistants are responsible for laboratory instruction and for assisting professors with undergraduate lecture courses, whereas research assistants conduct original research under the supervision of the faculty member providing the assistantship. Assistantships are competitively awarded to full-time students, and support is typically provided for only the 9-month academic year (August 16 - May 15). At the discretion of the faculty supervisor, research assistantships may provide 12 months of support. Continuation of an assistantship depends on student performance; they are typically renewed for a total of four semesters for an M.S. student and eight semesters for a Ph.D. student.

Students applying for fall admission should submit this application for an assistantship no later than February 1. Students seeding to begin their studies in January should submit no later than October 1 of the preceding year.

NIU Graduate School Fellowships and Scholarships

Several fellowship stipends are awarded each year by the Graduate School on the basis of departmental nomination and university-wide academic competition. Some scholarships are available for qualified minority applicants; students should contact the assistant dean of the Graduate School to obtain further information.

Graduate Student Funding

General Scholarship Information

Financing your Education

Other Scholarship Opportunities

AAPG Foundation - Military Veterans Scholarship Program

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Fellowships

Shell Oil Scholarships