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Spring 2017 Colloquium Schedule

Additional speakers may be added during the semester, check frequently for an updated schedule.

Date Speaker Title of Talk
1/27 Sally Potter-McIntyre
Southern Illinois University
Taphonomy of biosignatures in spring-fed carbonates.
2/3 Wayne Pennington,
Michigan Tech
Nuts and bolts of unconventional oil and gas development and production.
2/10 Catherine Macris,
Indiana University-Purdue
Seconds after impact: Insights from tektites and experiments.
2/17 Henk Haitjema,
Professor Emeritus,
Indiana University
Editor-in-Chief, Groundwater
Horizontal flow models that are not.
2/24 Sonny Divita,
Northern Illinois University
Geophysical characterization of the Big Marsh slag site in Chicago, IL.
3/3 Melissa Lenczewski,
Northern Illinois University
Geology of Myanmar.
3/10 Reed Scherer,
Northern Illinois University
Tiny fossils, strong winds, dynamic ice sheets and firm opinions.
3/24 Elizabeth Olson,
Northern Illinois University
Tree ring stable isotopes as a proxy for climate throughout the Holocene in the Atacama Desert, Chile.
3/31 Diane Moore,
EarthScope Speaker Series
The role of serpentine in promoting creep in the San Andreas fault system of central and northern California.
Patricia Gregg,
University of Illinois
Off-axis seamount investigations at Siqueiros: OASIS expedition 2016.
Nicholas Williams,
Northern Illinois University

David Canova,
Northern Illinois University
Evolution of the Willouran salt weld, Eastern Willouran ranges, SA.

Advective heat transport and the salt chimney affect: A numerical analysis.
Audrina Lehman,
Northern Illinois University

Michael Grzybowski
Northern Illinois University
The Effects of Mg, Al and Fe on Diagenetically Altered Biogenic Opal-A: Implications for Diatom Silica as A Paleoenvironmental Proxy.

The physical and chemical hydrogeology of Mandalay, Myanmar.
Gene Perry,
Professor Emeritus,
Northern Illinois University
Bad Water: From hypotheses to barely constrained speculation about effects of gypsum on archeology, hydrology, and geomorphology in Yucatan, Mexico.
Tim Hodson,
Northern Illinois University
Where the ice sheet ends: studying sea level rise at the ocean’s southern limit.
Andrew Schwoerer,
Northern Illinois University
Pre-eruptive constraints for two neighboring volcanic systems in Southwestern Guatemala.

Colloquia are co-sponsored by the Graduate Colloquium Committee of Northern Illinois University.

All talks will be held in Davis Hall 308 at 4:00 p.m. on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, *except as noted. For maps or directions, and any updates to this schedule, please call the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences at 815-753-1943.