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Spring 2014 Colloquium Schedule

Additional speakers may be added during the semester, check frequently for an updated schedule.

Date Speaker Title of Talk
1/31 Mark Frank, Northern Illinois University and COMPRES Distinguished Lecturer 2013-2014 The Liberation and Significance of Subduction-Derived Mantle Fluids.
2/7 Yarrow Axford,
Northwestern University
Climate Lessons from Lake Records of Greenland and Arctic Canada.
2/14 Nathan Stansell,
Northern Illinois University
Holocene climate changes in the tropical Andes: new proxy records and insights.
Gregory Hempen,
Geophysicist, URS Corp., St Louis, MO and Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer, Geological Society of America and Association of Engineering Geologists
Hello?? Are you ready for the big one? - Important considerations for central US seismicity. (New interpretations of paleoseismic studies of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, seismic hazard models and hazard mitigation).

Lauren Schroeder,
Northern Illinois University

Ann Shillaber,
Northern Illinois University
An Integrated Near-surface Geophysical
Investigation of Sinkhole Formation,
Nachusa Grasslands, Northern Illinois.

Using CO2 Concentration Gradients to
Identify CCS Reservoir Leakage.
3/21 Beth Caissie,
Iowa State University
Marine Isotope Stage 11 in the Bering Sea: a Story about Productivity and Sea Ice.
3/28 Sam Panno,
Illinois State Geological Survey
Use of Remote Sensing for Mapping the Karst Regions of Illinois.
4/4 Michael Cardiff,
University of Wisconsin
Aquifer Characterization: Past, Present, and Future.
Jessica Conroy,
University of Illinois U-C
Last millennium dust and temperature variability in southwestern Tibet.
Michael Gottfried,
Michigan State University
(Sponsored by the Biology Department, Montgomery Hall,
room 443)
Expanding the eocene polar greenhouse: New vertebrate discoveries from the western arctic of Canada.



Ellen Raimondi,
Northern Illinois University

Michelle Heider,
Northern Illinois University

Reactive transport model for drilling fluid contamination, South McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

Deposition and sedimentology of the permian fissure fills of the Richard's Spur locality near Fort Sill, OK.
5/2 Sharon Verzal,
Northern Illinois University
Natural attenuation of antibiotics in effluent from a wastewater treatment plant Fox River, Kane County, Illinois.

Colloquia are co-sponsored by the Graduate Colloquium Committee of Northern Illinois University.

All talks will be held in Davis Hall 308 at 4:00 p.m. on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, *except as noted. For maps or directions, and any updates to this schedule, please call the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences at 815-753-1943.