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Spring 2016 Colloquium Schedule

Additional speakers may be added during the semester, check frequently for an updated schedule.

Date Speaker Title of Talk
2/12 Martin Appold,
University of Missouri
Subsurface fluid flow and transport and hydrothermal mineral deposits.
2/19 Xai Her,
Northern Illinois University

Emily Devers,
Northern Illinois University
Interpreting Nicaraguan Basalts: insights from melt inclusions.

CO2 reactivity in the Earth's mantle and implications for deep carbon storage.
2/26 Scott Clark,
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Geoscience education, science literacy, and novice-expert communication.
3/4 Tracy Frank,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Relationships between cryogenic brine formation, sequence stratigraphy, and diagenesis in Neogene strata of McMurdo Sound.
3/25 Peter Wampler,
Grand Valley State University
Swiss Cheese, Sanitation, and Sustainable Safe Water Solutions in Haiti.
Cory Hunter,
Northern Illinois University
Structural Evolution of the Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, Colorado.
4/1 Stephen Meyers,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Climate “Noise” and the Cryosphere: New Constraints on the Evolution of Ice Sheets during the Cenozoic.
Carrie Fortney,
Northern Illinois University

Jacob Feller,
Northern Illinois University
Evaluating Holocene precipitation variability in the Baltic region using stable isotopes of lacustrine carbonate from Estonia.

A 5500 year record of precipitation changes from western Guatemala inferred from lacustrine carbonate-based stable isotopes.
4/8 Katelyn Kane,
Northern Illinois University
The impacts of tourism on water quality in Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Josh Zodarecky,
Northern Illinois University

Kristyn Hill,
Northern Illinois University
Paleofluid system structure in the Monterrey Salient of the Sierra Madre Oriental, northeastern Mexico.

Late Holocene precipitation controls on carbon dynamics at Teringi Bog, Estonia.
4/15 Justin Rosenblume,
Northern Illinois University

Matthew Mann,
Northern Illinois University
Establishing a sequence stratigraphic framework for the Upper Miocene interval of the AND-1B drill core.

The Role of Arsenic During Gold Deposition in Hydrothermal Gold Deposits.
Vitally Morozov,
Northern Illinois University

Rebecca Puttkammer,
Northern Illinois University
Geophysical Characterization of Karst and Bedrock Features over an Industrial Mine Complex.

Till Provenance for Whillans Ice Stream, West Antarctica: from Upstream B, Subglacial Lake Whillans, and the Grounding Zone.
Richard Lassin,
Aquila Resources - Michigan
Aquila Resources' Back Forty Project; a base metal deposit in Michigan's Penokean Volcanic Terrain.
Eric Klein,
University of Alaska-Anchorage
Northern Alaska Water Vapor Isotopes: Modern Processes Help Understand Past Climates.

Colloquia are co-sponsored by the Graduate Colloquium Committee of Northern Illinois University.

All talks will be held in Davis Hall 308 at 4:00 p.m. on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, *except as noted. For maps or directions, and any updates to this schedule, please call the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences at 815-753-1943.