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Foreign Language Residence Program

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Our current native speakers:

José Badillo (Spanish)
Divine Massamba (French)
Nathan Pontus (French)
Jing Luang (Chinese)
Kazuaki Sakurai (Japanese)
Flor Navarro (Spanish)
Maria Senf (German)


Gregory T. Ross, Coordinator
Foreign Language Residence Program
Northern Illinois University
Watson Hall 121
(815) 753-6452

Office Assistant:

John Wells
Watson Hall 121
(815) 753-6422

Inaugurated in 1972, making it Northern Illinois University's oldest residential program, the Foreign Language Residence Program (FLRP) has provided NIU students with an extraordinary opportunity to practice their language skills outside the classroom setting in a relaxed residential environment.

Students enrolled in the FLRP program meet weekdays (Monday through Thursday) from 4:15 to 5:30 pm in a private dining room to socialize in the target language with fellow participants, department faculty members and often other international guests. At each language table, there is a native speaker to help facilitate conversation. These native speakers live with the students in the International House and are a great resource for cultural information and language tutoring.

In addition to the program's many academic benefits, FLRP participants also enjoy connecting with the other students in the program. Lifelong friendships and professional networking opportunities are perks of the program. FLRP participants also enjoy extra cultural excursions and retreats at no extra cost.

For more information, contact the Coordinator.