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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

FL&L offers graduate work relevant to theoretical and applied research interests taught by faculty deeply committed to teaching and research. The various concentrations of study within the Master of Arts degree with specialization in Spanish have been designed to offer coherent and significant learning experiences, providing a foundation for many potential careers in private and public fields.

All Master of Arts students in Spanish receive grounding in literature, civilization and culture of Spain and Latin America; they are introduced to several key linguistic aspects of the Spanish language; they are taught the principles of translation theory; and they are trained in translation practice. Consistent with its commitment to theoretical and methodological diversity, the department supports an ample range of substantive and paradigmatic interests. Depending on personal or professional interests, it is possible for a student to focus on a special orientation (literature, culture, translation, linguistics or a combination). An interdisciplinary approach to the final MA project (thesis) is encouraged.

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