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Attending college is a great investment in your future.  The purpose of financial aid is to assist with the cost of higher education.  Many families need assistance to help offset the cost of education. Never assume that you will not qualify for financial assistance. There are many types of financial aid available to help manage the cost of your education, such as grants, loans, work-study opportunities, and scholarships.


Estimating your Costs

One of the biggest challenges that students and their families face each year is determining the cost of college.  The NIU Office of the Bursar has developed a Tuition Estimator to estimate the cost of tuition, fees, room and board, and books.  This will also allow you to see per semester charges along with breaking out the cost in monthly payments.   If you have already received an award letter, you can even enter your estimated financial aid to determine if there will be any out of pocket expenses.

July Bills and MAP Grant Payments

The first bills for the upcoming Fall 2014 semester have begun being sent out on July 18 to students based on their current enrollment.  Students who plan to add, remove or change courses may see changes to their bill after this date.  Also, as of July 18, the first payment of the Illinois MAP Grant has been applied to a student's account.  Remember, MAP is awarded based on enrollment status with students having the maximum eligibility if they are taking 15 credit hours.  Student's MAP awards have been prorated based on their current enrollment status.  Any changes in enrollment status may also impact the amount of MAP grant a student can receive.  Financial aid awards will be periodically recalculated to take into consideration the addition or removal of credit hours from now until after the second week of classes. 

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