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Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be expanded as we receive questions about the program. Can't find an answer to your question? Contact us!

Who is eligible for this program?

We are looking for a diverse group of students who are current sophomores or juniors in STEM majors. The ideal candidate will be bilingual in Spanish and English. You must be a current undergraduate student and a US citizen, US national, or permanent resident of the United States. You also must have a passport to participate in this program. 

Will travel and housing costs be covered?

The NSF grant pays for student travel expenses and room and board. In addition, participating students will receive a stipend of $500 per week. 

What classes should I have taken?

We would like students to have at least one year of background in one or more of the basic sciences – biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics. 

Are there any required skills?

While you don’t need any special skills to participate in this program, we are looking for exceptional students who are hard workers and are willing to develop and improve their research skills. You should be comfortable working outdoors, have organizational and time management skills, and have good attention to detail. 

I have a spouse and/or children. Can I still participate?

Students with families are welcome. Families may join the participating student for any part of the program, but their room and board and travel costs will not be covered.