Alumni Day - NIU - Ellington's

Alumni Day

A Walk Back In Time
April 29th, 2014

Ellington’s service day on April 29th, 2014 is a special occasion to commemorate both the history of Northern Illinois University as well as the FCNS 320 course. A Walk Back in Time celebrates NIU with a menu and dining room that reflects the university’s atmosphere. Interlaced with facts about the history of Northern and the FCNS 320 course as they have progressed over the years, this service day welcomes all guests to enjoy one of the university’s student showcases. Staffed by a team of students who have previously taken the course, the A Walk Back In Time managers’ mission is to relive some of their best learning experiences in their nutrition education by providing high quality food and service to the NIU community. Focusing on one of NIU’s leading values, “Learning today, leading tomorrow”, the A Walk Back In Time staff hopes that you will come celebrate with them and have a delightful dining experience. 

Joan QuinnWe would personally like to dedicate this day to Professor Joan Quinn. She has been teaching the class for more than twenty years and will be retiring at the end of this semester. Since this is her last service day at Ellington’s, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Quinn for her passion, dedication, and hard work towards this class and the students who have taken it ever since it began. Joan has played a key role in many lives, including many of our staff, by teaching her students about her passion for food production and service. We thank Joan for all she has done and wish her the best of luck on the journey ahead of her.