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Green Initiatives at NIU Outreach Centers

NIU Outreach Centers strive to provide our clients with an environmentally responsible setting, without affecting the quality of service. Most of our efforts are indistinguishable to our clients, but all are highly effective in helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Below is a list of actions that NIU Outreach Centers currently have in place.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • All CentersCardboard, paper, approved plastic, aluminum cans  and toner cartridges are recycled
  • All CentersMeeting rooms, offices, hallways and break areas are equipped with recycling bins 
  • All CentersBiodegradable plates, cups, stirrers and cutlery are used for catering 
  • All CentersPaper towels and toilet paper are made from recycled paper 

  • All CentersPaperless contracts, request for proposals and banquet event orderís are utilized (unless otherwise requested by client) 
  • All CentersDuplexers are installed on all printers to provide double sided printing capabilities

Energy Efficiency

  • All CentersMeeting rooms are sun-lit and equipped with large windows providing natural lighting
  • All CentersEnergy efficient light bulbs are used throughout the buildings 

  • NIU NapervilleMotion sensors activate the heating/air conditioning in rooms to conserve energy when rooms are not in use
  • All CentersParking lot lights set to timer and adjusted seasonally 

  • All CentersVending miser used on vending machines to save energy when not in use 
  • NIU NapervilleThermostats in each individual meeting room equipped with Tracer Summit System (TSS) to monitor and control room temperatures remotely
  • All CentersThermostats in individual meeting rooms allows the temperature to be set higher or lower than ambient temperature when not in use. 
  • NIU NapervilleLight sensor in atrium automatically turns atrium lights on and off to compliment the level of natural sunlight
  • All CenterComputers and office equipment are Energy Star-certified and are turned off at night 
  • All CenterComputers in offices, class rooms and computer labs are equipped with LCD monitors,  which generate less heat and use a fraction of the electricity used by traditional monitors

Water Conservation

  • All CenterDrinking water dispensers are used in lieu of individual water bottles 
  • All CenterJuice dispensers are used in lieu of individual bottles  

  • All CenterBathroom faucets are equipped with motion sensors  

  • All CenterIrrigation system set to timers and equipped with sensors to disable the system when it is raining 
  • All CenterNIU NapervilleLow-flow toilets installed

Responsible Operations Practices

  • NIU NapervilleGreen Seal Certified cleaning products are used in buildings whenever possible (currently 90% of products) 
  • All CenterReusable bins are used for transportation of mail and other items between the Outreach Centers and the main campus 
  • NIU NapervilleLow VOC paint is used throughout buildings with all new projects

  • NIU NapervilleAlgae and other environmental problems in the pond are treated by a marine biologist using only eco-friendly products
  • All CenterParticipate in environmentally compliant programs for hazardous materials waste disposal such as batteries and light bulbs

  • All CenterLive plants are placed throughout building 


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