Students in the NIU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry experience a wide range of research opportunities — from working with a single faculty advisor in the traditional areas of chemistry, through highly interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.

The research interests of our faculty not only span across the traditional areas of chemistry, but also across other sciences, including biology, physics, and environmental sciences. In fact, many of our faculty are actively involved with collaborative research centers, such as the Center for Biochemical and Biophysical Studies (CBBS) and the Institute for Nano Science, Engineering, and Technology (InSET).

Research is not only an integral part of our graduate programs, but it is of equal importance at the undergraduate level. We strongly encourage all chemistry majors to participate in Undergraduate Research. Students majoring in Chemistry (Emphasis 1) and Biochemistry (Emphasis 2) are required to take at least one semester (2 credit hours) of supervised research (CHEM 498/499).

We invite you to browse through our faculty research descriptions and contact us to further discuss our research interests, programs, and interdisciplinary activities.