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Graduate Handbook

Program Requirements and Department Policies

  • General Policies Applying to All Ph.D. and M.S. Students
    • Background Requirements
    • Deficiency Courses
    • Transfer of Graduate Courses
    • Background Examinations
    • Research Advisor Selection
    • Advisory Committee Selection
    • Seminar
    • Ph.D. Dissertation and M.S. Thesis Defense Public Announcements
    • Committee Approval of Ph.D. Dissertations and M.S. Theses
  • Master of Science
    • M.S. Limitation of Time
    • Thesis Option
      • General M.S. Thesis Option Lecture Course Requirements
      • M.S. Thesis and Independent Study
    • Essay Option
    • Educator Licensure Option
      • General M.S. Educator Licensure Option Lecture Course Requirements
      • Comprehensive Examination
  • Doctor of Philosophy
    • General Ph.D. Lecture Course Requirements
    • Language/Research Skill
    • Ph.D. GPA Requirement
    • Ph.D. Qualify Exam
    • Ph.D. Candidacy Exam
    • Annual Review of Research (Research Update)
    • Additional Consideration Regarding Candidacy Examinations and Research Updates
    • Appeals of Negative Qualifying Exam and Candidacy Exam Decisions
    • Ph.D. Dissertation
    • Ph.D. Limitation of Time

Teaching and Research Assistantship Policies

  • Appointment Paperwork and Initial Employment Stipulations
  • Appointment Types
  • Teaching Assistant Responsibilities
  • Research
  • TA Eligibility Period
  • Appointment Dates
  • Course Loads
  • Stipends
  • Tuition Scholarships, Fees and Health Insurance
  • Outside Employment

Graduate Advising

Victor Ryzhov
La Tourette Hall, Room 425
(815) 753‐6695