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Group Fitness

Class Descriptions


HIIT Series: Cycle
Thirty-minute cycle workout to increase your endurance, speed, and coordination on an indoor stationary bike

HIIT Series: Tabata
Thirty-minute workout in cycles of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. This is a fast-paced, high-intensity interval training focusing on strength and cardio. No prior fitness experience necessary! 

High intensity cycling to build endurance. This class takes place under black lights!



An exciting fusion of Latin dance and fitness taught by certified Zumba™ instructors.



HIIT Series: Core
This intense 30-minute workout focuses on the core and lower back to build midline stability and strength.

Body Pump™
Choreographed fitness to have fun while you sweat! This class uses cardio pump barbells to sculpt and harden your entire body! 

Boot Camp 
This class blends plyometrics and body weight exercises with intervals, circuits, and strength training.

Butts and Guts 
Thirty minutes of strength and resistance training for a rock solid core and lower body.

Total Body BOSU
Full body cardio using an inflatable dome on a solid platform. Increase your balance, coordination, agility, and strength with this great tool.


Mind & Body

The intent is to lengthen and strengthen the body with focus on the core.

Connect your mind and body with yoga poses, balance, conscious breathing, and relaxation.

Our unique combination of Yoga and Pilates.