Graduate Tuition, Fees, & Surcharges

Graduate Tuition and Fees

  • Spring 2016
  • Summer 2016
Spring 2016 Rates
# of Hours
Courses (per hour)
Tuition, In-State * 1 - 12 hrs Please refer to the Tuition Estimator
Tuition, Out-of-State * 1 - 12 hrs Please refer to the Tuition Estimator
Student Medical
Insurance **
9 hrs or more $1041.00 per term
Summer 2016 Rates
1-12 Hours
Tuition, In-State * Click Here for the In-State rates.
Tuition, Out-of-State * Click Here for the Out-Of-State rates.

* No additional charge for more than 12 credit hours. 
** For instructions on waiving insurance online, please view the Student Health Insurance open in new window website. All international students, regardless of credit hour load and campus location, are automatically enrolled into the student medical insurance.

Click the following link for a description of general fees, materials, and other common charges. For regional course charges, please check the course information on the Off-Campus Programs website.

Please Note: Tuition, fees, and surcharge rates are subject to change. The official charges are those billed and reported on your MyNIU account by the Office of the Bursar.