Thesis Director

Albert (Aboud) Nasser Agha. "Intonations of Grief: Samih Choukeir's 'Ya Haif' and the 2011 Syrian Revolution," spring 2013. Ph.D. candidate in ethnomusicology at UCLA (2013-present), adjunct professor (world music) at North Park University, Chicago, IL, 2017-present.

Joe M. Kinzer. "Making the Other Relevant: Performing Identity through Expected Sounds in Metropolitan Malaysia," spring 2012. Ph.D. in ethnomusicology at the University of Washington, 2017.

Final Project Director

World Music (Performance)

Qi Yu. Graduate recital, spring 2018.

Tamir Hargana. Graduate recital, spring 2017.

Michael McSweeney. Graduate recital, spring 2017.

Jiaqi Li. Graduate recital: "Blowing in the Wind: A Musical Journey of Bamboo Flutes in Asia," spring 2016.

Quentin Dover. Graduate recital, spring 2015. Adjunct professor (music appreciation) at Waubonsee College, Sugar Grove, IL, 2015-present.

Mathew Tembo. Graduate recording project, spring 2013. This recording project was released in April 2015 as "Chachacha Oyamba." He is currently an Afro-pop singer-songwriter and Ph.D. candidate in ethnomusicology, University of Pittsburgh, 2016-present.

Amirah Ali. "Eight Fusion Compositions: Seven Devotional Compositions for Multi-Ethnic 'Selamat Hari Raya' and One Patriotic Composition," spring 2009. Part of her final project, "Katakanlah," won the 2010 John Lennon Songwriting Competition in the world category and the 2011 International Songwriting Competition. She is currently a world-pop singer-songwriter in Malaysia.

World Music (Research)

Yao Cui. Graduate research project, "Resistance to Change? An Examination of Naxi Traditional Music in Southwest China," spring 2016.

SarahEmily Lekberg. Graduate research project, "Identity and Music: An Analysis of the Influence of Trinh Cong Son and Pham Duy's Music as a Reflection of Vietnamese Identity," spring 2013. Awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Vietnam, 2013-2014.

World Music (Pedagogy)

Aerie Bernard. "Community-Based World Music Festival, Roots and Blossom," spring 2017, adjunct professor (music appreciation) at Waubonsee College, Sugar Grove, IL, 2017-present.

Pei Han Lin. "All Around the World: Sample Lessons of a World-Music Based Piano Pedagogy," spring 2017, accepted to doctoral program in piano pedagogy, Texas Tech University, Fall 2018.

Music Education

David Hasseldahl. Music education professional development portfolio, fall 2015, music teacher and choir director at Zion Lutheran School, Marengo, IL.

Aaron Bolden. Music education professional development portfolio, fall 2015, elementary music teacher in Rockford School District 205, Rockford, IL.

Jennifer Mullen. Music education professional development portfolio, summer 2015, orchestra director and secondary general music teacher, Community High School District 99, Downers Grove, IL.

Doctoral Dissertation/Field Exam Committee Member

Heeyoung Choi. "Cultural Convergence and Musical Nationalism: The Transnational Concept of 'kugak' (National Music) through Analysis of Korean Musicking in the Early 20th Century Korea and Hawaii," Ph.D. dissertation, history department, fall 2016.

Heeyoung Choi. "Transformation of the East Asian Diasporas' Musical Activities in the U.S.," Ph.D. candidacy field exam, history department, spring 2016.

Jeannie Brooks, "Validity and Reliability of a Musical Assessment Measuring Students' Achievement of Rhythmic Concepts in Elementary General Music," Ed.D. (curriculum and instruction) dissertation, fall 2015, National Board Certified teacher, Indian Prairie School District, IL.


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