Li-Yin Liu

Li-Yin Liu is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration at Northern Illinois University. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from Northern Illinois University where her first field is Public Administration. Liu's current individual research projects focus on environmental non-governmental organizations, organizational culture and decision making, and public perception of environmental activism. Her current collaborative research projects are on cultural theory, organizational decision making, and performance measures of nonprofit organizations. Her previous research focused on the partnership between international non-governmental organizations and governments regarding international humanitarian aid. 

Liu’s teaching interests are in non-profit management, international non-governmental organizations, organization theory, research methods, advanced/introductory public administration theory, and environmental governance and policy.  

Prior to academic life, she worked for the Legislative Yuan (Congress) and non-governmental organizations in Taiwan.  

Area of Expertise

  • Nonprofit Management

  • Organization Management

  • Public Administration

  • Environmental Governance and Policy

Under Review

Liu, Li-Yin, (2017). “Irrational Decision Making: Cultural Influence on Environmental Nonprofit Organizations.”

Selected Conference Presentations

Liu, Li-Yin & Brendon Swedlow (2017). “What Explains Public Perceptions: A Study of Individuals’ Cultural Biases and Their Perception of Environmental Activism.” Paper presented at the Midwest Political Science Association  75th Annual Conference (MPSA) Chicago, IL.

Liu, Li-Yin & Brendon Swedlow (2016). “Cultural Influences on Taiwanese Environmentalists’ Strategies.” Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Association for Chinese Studies. Malibu, CA.

Swedlow, Brendon, Joseph T. Ripberger, Li-Yin Liu, Carol L. Silva, Hank Jenkins-Smith, (2016).“Culture War? A Theory and Evidence of Cultural Conflict, Coalition, and Change in the United States.” Paper presented at the 2016 American Political Science Association Conference (APSA) Philadelphia, PA.

Liu, Li-Yin & Brendon Swedlow. (2016). “Cultural Influences on Taiwanese Perceptions of Environmental Activism.” Poster presented at the 2016 American Political Science Association Conference (APSA) Philadelphia, PA.



Li-yin Liu

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Ph.D., Northern Illinois University

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