Our programs provide support and information about college to students and their families. Participants receive services and encouragement to help them get ready for college.

Access to a College Education (ACE) Through Early Preparation

This program provides academic support to students from low-income or minority families. We work with elementary and middle school students as they get ready for and complete a college preparatory curriculum. This helps students improve their scores on assessment exams and prepare for college.

Summer Camps

We offer summer camps for students in grades eight through 12. As they spend time on campus, the students get used to a college environment and improve their academic performance. The camps also build students' interest in and readiness for college. During the camps, we teach students the powerful lesson that they can change their future by changing the way they think.

100 Males Preparing for a College Education

Offered in Aurora and Rockford, this program helps African-American and Latino males get ready for college. We begin working with students in middle school and continue working with them until they graduate from high school. Students participate in activities such as:

  • After-school tutoring
  • College readiness workshops
  • Mentoring
  • College visits
  • Cultural enrichment

We also offer a four-week summer program that includes math, science, writing and literature classes, as well as sports and recreation.

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