Northern Illinois University

Course syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, announcements and other information pertinent to each of the following courses is posted on Blackboard.

  • ISYE 439/539 - Six Sigma Performance Excellence and Modern Problem Solving.
  • ISYE 461/561 - Warehousing and Distribution Systems.
  • ISYE 472/572 - Queueing Methods for Services and Manufacturing. 
    • Textbook: Queueing Methods for Services and Manufacturing by R.W. Hall, Prentice Hall.
  • ISYE 492 - Industrial and Systems Engineering Senior Design Proposal.
  • ISYE 493/494/495/496 - Senior Design Project.
  • ISYE 650 - Advanced Lean Manufacturing Systems.
    • Textbook: Automation, Production Systems and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing by M.P. Groover, Prentice Hall.
  • ISYE 660 - Facilities Location and Layout Analysis.
    • Textbook: Facility Layout and Location: An Analytical Approach by R.L. Francis, L.F. McGinnis Jr., and J.A. White, Prentice Hall. 
  • ISYE 671 - Linear Programming and Network Flows.
    • Textbook: Optimization in Operations Research by R. Rardin, Prentice Hall.

Florida International University

  • EIN 3365. Facilities Planning and Material Handling.
    • Textbook: Facilities Planning by J.A. Tompkins, J.A. White, Y.A. Bozer and J.M.A. Tanchoco, John Wiley and Sons, 3rd edition.
  • ESI 6316. Applications of OR in Manufacturing.
    • Textbook: Optimization in Operations Research by R. Rardin, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-02-398415-5.
  • EIN 6336. Advanced Production Planning and Control.  
    • Textbook: Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms and Systems by M. Pinedo, Prentice Hall, 2nd edition.
  • ESI 6440. Integer Programming.
    • Textbook: Integer and Combinatorial Optimization by G.L. Nemhauser and L.A. Wolsey, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-35943-2.
  • ESI 6547. Stochastic Models of Industrial Systems.
    • Textbook: Introduction to Probability Models by S.M. Ross, Academic Press, 9th edition

State University of New York at Binghamton

  • ISE 420. Optimization and Operations Research.
    • Textbook: Operations Research: An Introduction by H. A. Taha, Prentice Hall, 7th edition.
  • ISE 421. Modeling and Simulation.
    • Textbook: Simulation with Arena by W.D. Kelton, R.P. Sadowski, and D.T. Sturrock , McGrawHill, 3rd edition.

Texas A&M University

  • INEN 302. Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects.
    • Textbook: Engineering Economy by L.T. Blank and A.J. Tarquin, McGrawHill, 4th edition.


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