Ph.D. Dissertation

Note: All Ph.D. degree supervisions took place when I was working at Binghamton University and Florida International University.

  • Rojas, Miguel – Algorithms for scheduling batch processing machines in a job shop (Summer 2010).
  • Hulett, Maria – Queuing approximations for complex manufacturing systems (Spring 2010).
  • Mestry, Siddharth (Co-advised with Chin-Sheng Chen) – Models and algorithms for order selection and scheduling in a make-to-order enterprise, Co-Advisor (Spring 2010).
  • Velez-Gallego, Mario C. – Algorithms for scheduling parallel batch processing machines with non-identical job ready times (Spring 2006).
  • Bruno, Felix – An experimental study of voiding in mixed alloy assemblies (Spring 2006).
  • Pradhan, Salil – Capacity planning and allocation for a complex manufacturing system with job failures (Summer 2005).
  • Manjeshwar, Praveen Kumar – Scheduling batch processing machines in a flow shop (Summer 2005).

M.S. Thesis Advisor

  • Screnock, Joshua – Using GRASP to minimize the number of tardy jobs in a two-stage flowshop with batch processing machines (Sp 17).
  • Noe, Christopher William  – Lagrangian relaxation approach for warehouse sizing, location, and allocation problems (F 2016).
  • Alipour, Panteha – Scheduling batch processing machines to minimize number of tardy jobs (F 2016).
  • Suhaimi, Nurul Mubinah  – Lagrangian relaxation to minimize makespan of non-identical parallel batch processing machines (F 2014).
  • **Amouie, Mahbod – Minimizing total weighted tardiness for non-identical parallel batch processing machines (Su 2014).
  • Call, Aaron – Improving order picking through slotting, layout analysis, and order routing (Su 2012).
  • Sharma, Harsh – Scheduling unrelated parallel machines with setups (Su 2011).
  • àDiyadawagamage, Don A. – PSO for non-identical parallel batch processing machines (F 2010).
  • Rao, Anantha G. – Particle swarm optimization to minimize makespan of a permutation flow shop with batch processing machines (Sp 2010).
  • Kulkarni, Niranjan - An investigation on bottleneck location, capacity, and buffer size on flow and flexible flow lines (Su 2006).
  • Sajjala, Sandeep S. – Optimizing stencil and pad design for 0201 components in a lead-free assembly (Su 2006).
  • Hirani, Neal S. – Scheduling parallel batch processing machines to minimize makespan using genetic algorithms (Su 2006).
  • George, Gikku J. – A simulation model to analyze post reflow processes at an electronics manufacturing facility (Su 2006).
  • Antony, Albin – Fault tree analysis for automotive pressure sensor assembly lines (Su 2006).
  • Manjunath, Deepak - A repeatable and reliable rework process for lead-free fine pitch BGAs (Su 2005).
  • Pallipat, Paul - Heuristics to improve the operations of a dual head pick-and-place machine (Su 2005).
  • Thiagarajan, Ashok - Improving the performance of a single head multi-nozzle pick-and-place machine (Su 2005).
  • **Koli, Sumit - Optimizing slotting process in a warehouse (Su 2004).
  • Ramachandran, Pradeep - Branch-and-Price for cell placement problem in VLSI physical design (Su 2004).
  • **Deshpande, Anirudha - Real-time monitoring system for a manufacturing system (Su 2003).

** Won the Outstanding Graduate Student Award

à Awarded the University Fellowship

M.S. Project Advisor

  • Arroyo, Emilio – Six Sigma project on SKF wheel seal lip splits field warranty (Sp 2018).
  • Benilam, Ban Abdulameer – Quality control of adhesive dispensing (Sp 2018)
  • Marepalli, Deepika Patali – Reduction of scrap rate of King Pins at Elgin Industries (Sp 2018)
  • Patel, Savankumar Yogeshbhai – Project management of automotive plastic component using Six Sigma tools (Sp 2018)
  • Soundararajan, Abinaya – Scrap analysis in the Push Rods supercell at Elgin Industries (Sp 2018)
  • Wright, Jodi Ann – One Call medical transports: Improving customer service workflow (Sp 2018)
  • Almhana, Ahmed Alizyhir – Using Neural Network to optimize alum dosage and turbidity in Jardine Water Purification plant (F 2017)
  • Dearlove, James – Centegra Hospital McHenry – Nursing workflow rapid improvement event (F 2017)
  • Peenya Basavalingaiah, Suchitha – Optimizing the picking process using K-means clustering (F 2017)
  • Rocha, Jamar Avancini – 7-Diamond process – Continuous improvement project (F 2017)
  • Vemaraju, Ananta Ravi Teja – Optimization of processing floor at Geneva Manufacturing Facility, Power Packaging (F 2017)
  • Bhagavatula, Satya Nagashree – Minimizing total number of tardy jobs on a single batch processing machine by Genetic Algorithm (Su 2017)
  • Ahuja, Utkarsh – Improving operational efficiency at a consumer products packaging company (Sp 2017).
  • Al-Mimorry, Qodamah – Applying Six Sigma approach to improve production line (Sp 2017).
  • Bhosle, Mandar Mukund – Experimental study for torqueing applications during new product introduction phase (Sp 2017).
  • Kondate, Roja – Process improvement at Large Wheel Loader engine subassembly zone (Sp 2017).
  • Aloraini, Khaled Abdullah – Improving raw materials storage issues at Driv-Lok (F 2016).
  • Balasubramaniam, Parameshwaran – Optimizing productivity in the grinders section at Driv-Lok (F 2016).
  • Chalamala Setty, Nageswara Rao – Optimizing facilities layout and warehouse of a studs and stud welding equipment manufacturing company (F 2016).
  • Gulla, Sri Sai Venkata Santosh Ajay – Process improvement of MWL hydraulic tank sub-assembly process (F 2016).
  • Hamzi, Ahmed Mohammad A - Minimizing setup times in the machining at Driv-Lok (F 2016).
  • Katragadda, Rakesh – Development of assembly process for Unger Quad Injector at Stradis Healthcare (F 2016).
  • Parra, Dugar Samuel – Implementation of the 5S lean methodology at Elgin Industries (F 2016).
  • Pasuraphun, Chalisa – Capacity planning in sorting area at Driv-Lok (F 2016).
  • Pritchert, Benjamin Douglas – Machine scrap reduction at Aurora Metals LLC (F 2016).
  • Barachki, Zvetan Petkov – Assembly department improvement at Quality Fabricators (S 16).
  • Benilam, Ali Abdulameer – Implementation of the Six Sigma methodology: the professional maintenance process of the body side aperture machine in north body shop Belvidere assembly plant (S 16).
  • Ejlali, Mahyer – Reducing maintenance lifecycle cost of articulated connectors for five-unit railcars (S 16).
  • Sunkureddy, Karthik Reddy – Process improvements of 836 LWL guarding assembly process at Caterpillar, Inc. (S 16).
  • Cobb, Brian Rory – Cart production system improvements in upstream processes at Quality Fabricators, Inc. (Su 16).
  • Nethibalingari, Sarika – Attribute agreement analysis on weld inspectors of MWL’s at Caterpillar, Inc. (Su 16).
  • Burgin III, Alonzo - Shaft production improvement project (F 2015).
  • Alger, Patrick Michael – Comparison of conceptual process models for Caterpillar’s medium wheel loader post build process (F 2015).
  • Kakkunuri, Rajani – A simulated annealing algorithm to minimize total weighted tardiness of non-identical parallel batch processing machines (Su 2015).
  • Negi, Vibhuti – Estimating the life cycle cost of parts on railcars (Su 15).
  • Tirumalaraju, Pavan – Process improvement and design of experiments in flatstock department at Tek Pak, Inc. (Su 2015).
  • Duttyal, Shikha – Quarterly stamp verification revamp at Southwest Airlines (S 2015).
  • Horn, Todd Michael – Lean process improvement for hazardous order filling at 3M (S 2015)
  • Dasari, Arshitha – Lean analysis and process improvements of a mixed model production line at Caterpillar Inc. (F 2014)
  • Decker, Adrienne Marie – Development of a mixed model production line for Air pumps at SPX Hydraulic Technologies (F 2014).
  • Manzoor, Fawwad – Design a pull system for the paint line at a can manufacturing facility (F 2014).
  • Penumaka, Satya Sai Krishna Sri Harsha – Lean improvements for the lift arm sub-assembly at Caterpillar Inc. (F 2014).
  • Holst, Matthew Joseph – Materials system transactions, batch size, inventory, lead time, and stability (MILBS): simple tool for complex problems (Su 2014).
  • Sriram, Ragu Varan – Capacity analysis of a mixed model production line at Enjoy Life Foods Inc. (Sp 2014).
  • Malik, Ahmed Abdul – Efficiency improvement: Sencorp (F 2013).
  • Von Aulock, Stefan Peter – VA operations: improving the working area (Su 2013).
  • Taillon, Joseph – Improving cascade layer-picking operations at Del Monte Foods (Sp 2013).
  • El Harrak, Lamiae – Analysis of power pump assembly lines at SPX Hydraulics Technologies (F 2012).
  • Strohm Jr., Kenneth Michael – Utilizing six sigma DMAIC methodology in customer-based warehouse storage assignment (F 2012).
  • Zinouri, Nazanin – A column generation approach for minimizing total weighted tardiness on a batch processing machine (Su 2012).
  • Cyril Raj, Shajan Rashmin Raj – Lean six sigma approach for educational service environment (F 2011).
  • Giddu, Srikanth – Lagrangian relaxation for multi product variable capacity facility location sizing problem (Su 2011).
  • Muskeyvalley, Rochelle – A GRASP approach for minimizing total weighted tardiness on a single batch-processing machine with non-identical job sizes and non-zero ready times (Su 2011).
  • Ramenini, Bhanu Kishore – Mixed-model assembly line balancing at Caterpillar Inc. (Su 2011).
  • Rayon, Adolfo Samuel – Continuous improvement of a job-shop quotation process, implementation of cellular manufacturing, bottleneck analysis, and scheduling (Su 2011).
  • Weichman, Nick Allen – A column generation approach for scheduling a batch processing machine with makespan objective (Su 2011).
  • Babo, Brian Dennis (Co-advised with Richard Marcellus) – A simulation approach to WIP reduction in large wheel loader post-assembly process (Sp 2011).
  • Frega, Patrick – An integrated lot sizing model for a multi-item, multi-period, multi-customer production system (Sp 2011).
  • **Kanaganayagam, Kanesamalar – Applying Lean manufacturing tools to reduce waste at 988 Large Wheel Loader (LWL) assembly line Caterpillar (CAT) Aurora (Sp 2011).
  • Sathiyayani S., Shasti - Scheduling 988 Large Wheel Loader (LWL) mixed model assembly line at Caterpillar (CAT) Aurora (Sp 2011).
  • Shah, Priyam Anil – Process improvements for mixed model assembly line for NEEF and EEF subassembly lines at Caterpillar Inc. (Sp 2011).

M.S. Paper Advisor

  • Dagoglu, Mert - Review of Taguchi Methods (Spring 2014).
  • Gudi, Sudhanth - Improving the operations of an OR in a healthcare system (Spring 2014).
  • Patil, Nimish - Design for Six Sigma (Spring 2014).
  • Tadur, Neeraj - Quick response manufacturing (Spring 2014).
  • Yalam, Nishanth Sai Krishna - Single machine batch processing problem formulation using Bender's decomposition and constraint programming (Spring 2014).
  • Catari, Mythri - A review of time and motion studies (Fall 2013).
  • Reddy, Yeshwanth - (Fall 2013).
  • Mudiganti, Mrudula - (Summer 2013).
  • Rangavajjula, Prathyusha - (Summer 2013)
  • Hassan, Masood Ul - (Summer 13).
  • Goyal, Swati - (Summer 2013).
  • Easto, Jonathan - Review of clustering algorithms (Spring 2013).
  • Anupindi, Lohit - Design for Six Sigma (Spring 2013).
  • Vardhan, Bangaru Vishnu – Minimizing the makespan of non-identical parallel batch processing machine using column generation (Spring 2012).
  • Kuftaro, Hakim – Lot sizing problems: a review of algorithms, mathematical models, and comparison of solution approaches (Spring 2011).
  • Junaidi, Fasahat Ali – Mathematical models for games and puzzles (Summer 2010).
  • Guttikonda, Mallika Chowdry – GRASP for scheduling capacitated batch processing machines (Summer 2010).
  • Akgun, Nurhan – Decision problems in warehousing and distribution centers (Spring 2010).


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