M.S. in Nursing

About the Program

The NIU School of Nursing was the winner of the 2017 Best Nursing School for Men in Nursing Award and has been ranked in the top 10 percent nationally by best-nursing-colleges.com. Our excellent online master's degree in nursing program allows you to get an advanced degree on your own schedule. Plus, you'll have access to dedicated scholarship funds to help make your education even more affordable.

Our dedicated faculty includes a full-time internship coordinator to help you with your internship/clinical placements, leveraging our strong partnerships with local health organizations. Our internship program is so strong that 95 percent of our nursing graduates report securing a job within one year after graduation. Graduates go on to careers as nurse educators and family nurse practitioners.

You may pursue your master's degree in nursing either full or part-time. You have six years to complete the program from the start date of any transferred coursework. The majority of our graduate nursing students are enrolled part-time. 

Program Mode of Delivery

The coursework for this program is 100 percent online. Clinicals must be done in person.


You can choose one of two specializations: family nurse practitioner or nursing education. Both require a capstone project. 

Information about specific course requirements can be found in the NIU course catalog.

Applying to the Program

Applicants must have:

  • Current licensure as a registered nurse in the state of Illinois.
  • A bachelor's degree in nursing from an accredited program.
  • A written goal statement.
  • Three professional letters of reference.
  • At least 2,000 hours of clinical practice experience in a specialty area within the three years prior to admission (nursing education students only).

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Why NIU Online?

We know you have responsibilities and commitments. It's just easier if you're able to take classes where you are without the commute. The good news is that with NIU, you're not alone. Your classmates and instructors are available via the same technology that helps deliver your classes. In our classrooms or in your living room, we want you to succeed academically because your future is our focus.

Program Type: Online master's degree
College: College of Health and Human Sciences, School of Nursing
Credits Required:  
Nursing education: 41
Family nurse practitioner: 50
Tuition per Credit:
Nursing education: $509.75
Family nurse practitioner: $749.75

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For applicants residing in the U.S.

Term Deadline
Fall August 15
Spring December 13

For international students living abroad

Term Deadline
Fall May 1
Spring October 1


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