Fall Orientation Dates

Attendance at a complete orientation session is mandatory. Partial attendance does not fulfill your requirement.

You’ll be allowed to attend only the orientation programs that are available to you via the MyNIU system. Advising for some majors and colleges is not available for all programs. Orientation programs do fill quickly and space is limited—so register today! Please note, we do not have a waitlist for orientation programs.

If you’ve changed your major since you’ve applied to NIU, please make sure you fill out a change your major form. After you submit your form, you’ll receive confirmation of this change within 48 hours. Questions? Contact us at 815-753-1535.

Please note: Depending on your orientation date, you may not be able to register for classes at your orientation program. Make sure to check your enrollment appointment in your MyNIU student center.

Session Date
1 Friday, April 2
2 Friday, April 5
3 Friday, April 26
4 Friday, June 14
5 Wednesday, June 19
6 Wednesday, June 26
7 Wednesday, July 17
8 Thursday, July 18
9 Wednesday, July 31
10 Friday, August 9
11 Monday, August 12

** Express Orientation is an abbreviated program providing you with essential information, an appointment with an advisor and registration for the upcoming semester.