Traffic Tickets

Got a ticket? Determine your options before going to court.

What to Do After Getting a Ticket

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    Contact Students' Legal Assistance Immediately to Discuss Your Options

    If you don't act promptly, the costs related to your ticket increase dramatically.

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    Understanding Your Ticket

    When you receive a ticket, you will also receive information (on the back of the ticket and/or on a separate form given to you by the police officer) regarding your options.

    Option 1: Pay the ticket and receive a conviction.

    Option 2: Pay an increased fine, attend traffic school and receive court supervision. Eligibility for court supervision is spelled out in the information you receive.

    Option 3: Go to trial. Tickets listed "Must Appear" do not give you these options; you must appear in court.

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    Going to Court

    Be aware that if you go to court, court costs will be assessed over and above the minimum fine listed on the ticket. Due to recent increases, court costs can equal or exceed the minimum fine. For example, if you receive a ticket in DeKalb County for speeding 12 miles over the speed limit, the fine assessed would be $75 if you pay by mail or in person prior to your first court date. If you go to court and plead guilty before a judge, the minimum fine and court costs will total $170.

    Court costs are assessed whenever a person goes to court unless the case is dismissed or the person issued the ticket is acquitted after trial.