Board of Trustee Bylaws. (Article IV, Section 3, (E)):

(E) Role and Mission of the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

  1. The Office of the Vice President and General Counsel provides legal counsel and representation to Northern Illinois University and all of its schools and colleges, divisions, units, affiliates and related entities on the broad range of legal matters affecting the University. The General Counsel's Office serves the University Board of Trustees, the President, officers, administrators, faculty and staff in their official capacities. The General Counsel's Office is also responsible for hiring and managing outside counsel to represent the University.
  2. The mission of the Office is to provide the highest quality legal services to the University in a responsible, constructive and timely manner; to protect and promote the mission and values of the University, including compliance with its obligations and protection and promotion of its interests; to minimize legal risks and costs; and to address and resolve legal disputes.
  3. Consistent with the mission and best interests of the University, including its duties to follow the law and meet its obligations to the public, governments and third parties, the lawyers in the General Counsel's Office strive to be problem solvers; to engage in strategic thinking with the University decision makers; to defend the interests of the University and its constituents; to protect and promote integrity and ethical conduct; to practice preventive law; and to assist the University's Board of Trustees, President, officers, faculty and staff to accomplish their institutional objectives.
  4. In undertaking the work of the Office, the Vice President and General Counsel will coordinate with other University officials, including the President, the Internal Audit Director, the Ethics Officer, and the Compliance Officer, as necessary and appropriate.