Frequently Asked Questions

faqsFrequently Asked Questions


If you are served within a legal process (e.g., subpoena, warrant, summons, court order, etc.)

Please notify the division staff and forward documents AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to the Office of General Counsel, Altgeld Hall 330.

If you are approached by a non-university attorney

Feel free to contact the Office of General Counsel at 815.753.1774.

Are my communications privileged and confidential?

Communications may be privileged only when shared with your attorney(s).  To facilitate this privilege please make written correspondence "Attorney Client Privileged and Confidential Communication."  Do not accidentally waive privilege by sharing the communication without the attorney included or in a non-private environment.

Injured on the job

Work related injuries ought to be reported to the Worker's Compensation specialist in Human Resource Services.

Injured on the property not while working

Please contact the  Risk Manager - 815.753.6000.

Have a question regarding wage deductions summons, child support, etc.

Please contact the division staff in this office - 815.753.1774.

Reporting violations of University policy

Please contact the Human Resource Services departments as appropriate:

Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance

Human Resource Services