Frequently Taught Courses

Professor Demaray has taught many courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level:

PSYC 324: Developmental Child Psychology

This course in an introductory course to the questions, approaches, and empirical findings in the field of developmental child psychology. The course places an emphasis on the processes of psychological development during childhood, as illustrated within a broad range of psychological content domains.

PSYC 639: Ethics, Law and Professional Issues in School Psychology

This first year graduate level course is designed to provide new graduate students in the school psychology program with an introduction and broad overview to the field of school psychology. The course covers information on both the history and development of the field, the various roles expected of a school psychologist and the different service delivery models and perspectives on psychological practice in schools. The course material also covers the importance of multiculturalism and diversity, past and current legal issues that shape the field of school psychology, and the ethical guidelines outlined by the American Psychological Association and the National Assosication of School Psychologists.

PSYC 646: Psychological Assessment of Children

This graduate level course focuses on the examination of the foundations and practices that are involved in the clinical assessment of social and emotional functioning throughout development. The course focuses on the social and emotional development of infants, children, and adolescents and places an emphasis on empirically supported measurements of social and emotional functioning. The course also includes the critical evaluation of the measures used in the diagnosis and treatment of social and emotional disorders.


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