Our Mission


We inspire activism for social justice and cultural diversity through engagement with museum collections, exhibitions and educational programs.


The museum distinguishes itself among university museums as a groundbreaking center where interdisciplinary approaches to the study of humans for creative engagement unite campus and regional communities.


Collections Stewardship

We exemplifie the highest standards of the museum profession and serve as an excellent example for best practices in collections stewardship. By providing stable, secure and environmentally sound conditions for the permanent collections, the Pick Museum will demonstrate integrity and accountability in collections management.


As an important part of Northern Illinois University, the Pick Museum promotes excellence in education through original research, innovative exhibitions and engaging programs. In support of NIU’s strategic imperatives, we strengthen the educational environment, demonstrate the regional and global impact of NIU scholarship and serves as a cultural destination for both the university and regional communities. 


We will foster a shared sense of community by extending its programs beyond campus to include local and regional audiences. The museum’s programs engage diverse audiences in content that is relevant and meaningful to their lives.