Yes, we study maps, but there is far more to geography than that! Geography answers such questions as “Where are we?” and “What kind of place is this?” as well as, How do people interact with their environments?” and “How are people, goods and ideas transported from one place to another?” It explores the geographic conditions that influence everything from a region’s economy to its social development. With a degree in geography, you may:

  • Manage natural and urban environments
  • Analyze the evolving relationship between people and places
  • Plan transportation routes
  • Investigate sustainable land use worldwide
  • Create geographic management systems for industries and government agencies
  • Help understand and restore natural ecosystems

You can earn the B.S. or B.A. degree by selecting electives from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping science, natural environmental systems, urban-economic systems, or area studies, or by sampling from across our entire curriculum. We also offer an undergraduate certificate in geographic information systems and a minor in geography.

Geography Advising

Wei Luo
Davis Hall 120

Meteorology Advising

Victor Gensini
Davis Hall 219E