Geothermal Water and Space Heating

Horizontal vs. Vertical Geothermal Systems
  • Horizontal
    • Pros:
      • Cheaper
      • Easy to install
    • Cons:
      • A lot of yard space required
      • Can use up to 400 square feet of land
  • Vertical
    • Pros:
      • Less invasive
      • More efficient
    • Cons:
      • More expensive
      • Drilling equipment used on your property
Solar-based Geothermal
  • Evacuated Solar Tubes
    • Used for water heating
    • Installed on roof or wherever solar gain is highest
  • Solar Chimney
    • Similar to passive geothermal
    • Helps regulate structural temperature
    • Requires a tower be built, so better for new homes or under construction
Geothermal Graphic Poster

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