NMR User Policy

New users should contact Dr. Taesam Kim (kim@niu.edu). They will be set up with a username and password for the instrumentation and will receive training which will enable them to run basic NMR experiments on their own.

Users are allowed to use the instrumentation at any time once they have completed the initial training sessions and are able to perform experiments independently.

Changes in instrument utilization require that we implement the following rules to the NMR user policy.

  • Daytime use (8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.) of the instrumentation is limited to a maximum of one hour per user.
    The operator has to be present during this time. One hour slots will allow, e.g., 1H, 31P or 11B experiments to be run. It is also possible to obtain 13C spectra during this time using concentrated samples. Experiments requiring more than one hour have to be carried out overnight or on weekends, except in specially approved cases.
  • Before using an instrument, please check the scheduling system "FACES" to see if another user is signed up.
    If not, feel free to use the instruments for up to one hour during the day.
  • If you sign up for instrumentation time and fail to use the assigned time, you will lose scheduling privileges.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled time, you have forfeit your scheduled slot and other users may use the instruments.

You can sign up for overnight or weekend runs or make reservations for one hour slots by scheduling time on FACES. For a description on the use of the system check the instructions. At the time of your initial training you will also be added to the NIU_NMR FACES group and allowed to schedule time on the instruments. Users that are signed up on FACES have PRIORITY.

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