The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Michael Faraday Laboratories
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115-2862
(815) 753-1131


About the Lab

The Chemistry Analytical Lab houses shared instrumentation of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Northern Illinois University. The facility provides a variety of services to the department and the university, as well as to outside users. We offer both analytical expertise and user training in spectroscopic techniques and instrumentation.

Available instrumentation includes NMR, MS, FT–IR, Raman, Fluorescence, UV–Vis and Circular Dichroism Spectrometers. Elemental Analysis and X‐ray Diffraction are available as services.

Available instruments include:

  • Model 215 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer (Aviv Biomedical)
  • 2400 Series II CHN Elemental Analyzer (Perkin–Elmer)
  • F2500 Fluorescence Spectrometer (Hitachi)
  • Vector 22 FT–IR Spectrometer (Bruker)
  • ATI Genesis FT–IR Spectrometer (Mattson)
  • LCQ Advantage LC–MS (Thermo)
  • OmniFLEX MALDI–TOFMS (Bruker)
  • 300 MHz Avance III NMR Spectrometer (Bruker)
  • 500 MHz Avance III NMR Spectrometer (Bruker)
  • System 2000 Microfocus Raman Spectrometer (Renishaw)
  • Lambda 19DM UV–Vis Spectrometer (Perkin–Elmer)
  • Miniflex Powder X‐ray Diffractometer (Rigaku)
  • CCD X‐Ray Diffractometer (Bruker)

If you have questions about any of these instruments, please contact Dr. Taesam Kim either by e‐mail (, phone (815‐753‐4199), or visiting Faraday Hall 314.