Running a Kinetics Experiment

  • First record a 1D spectrum of your compound and make sure that everything looks all right.
  • Open a second experiment using edc.
  • Start to kinetics experiment from the second window and type multi_zgvd to start acquisition. This command will start the acquisition and ask you for a) the number of spectra, b)?? and c)??. Each of your spectra will be recorded in a diffent window using consecutive filenames. Keep in mind that you can accumulate huge amounts of data in this type of experiment…
  • either process each file separately by hand of run multiefp and then enter the number of experiments.
  • multiftapk runs an ft and apk on all experiments at the same time.
  • To automatically integrate all the peaks, run multi_integ or multi_integ2.

Potential problems:

  1. depending on the runtime of the experiment as well as the type of reaction you are carrying out, the shimming of your sample might change over time. This may lead to problems with integration. Some samples do not work in the automated mode and need to be run by hand.
  2. If you use the automatic peak list, small shifts in your spectrum might lead to falsification of the peak areas which is a problem if you need to quantify. Sometimes it is better to run the integration by hand.

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