About Us


About Us

The Department of Sociology at NIU is committed to providing a strong liberal arts education to our students. We emphasize training in the knowledge and analytical skills necessary for successful careers and informed citizenship. We strive to offer our students a challenging curriculum in the context of effective advising, faculty instructional support, a research orientation, and opportunities to apply sociological imagination to the real social world.

Faculty members’ areas of expertise represent diverse topics within the field of sociology. These include criminology, economic inequality, gender and sexuality, work and family, health and aging, immigration and migration, qualitative and quantitative research methods, race and ethnicity, social organization, social psychology, social theory, and urban sociology.

For more information about our programs, please take a tour of our website. For additional information, please contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Simon Weffer ; the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Diane Rodgers; Undergraduate Advisor/Assistant to Chair, Kristie Crane; or the new Acting Chair, Professor Mike Ezell.  We welcome your comments and questions. AskSociology@niu.edu


Kirk Miller, Chair & Associate Professor