Student Choice Awards

Hello my name is Derrick Martin, and I am your Director of Student Life.

I will be coordinating the 2014 Student Choice Awards.

The Student Choice Awards is an annual award ceremony held by the Student Association to acknowledge outstanding students and faculty throughout the campus. Below are the descriptions of the awards that will be given out at the ceremony along with a application to nominate a fellow peer or apply for these awards.

This formal event will be held in the Duke Ellington Ballroom April 14 at 7:00pm. This event is free and appetizers will be provided. Please feel free to bring friends and family to this elegant event as we honor our fellow Huskies!

Thank you,
Derrick D. Martin
Student Association Director of Student Life
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
Campus Life Building 180

  • President’s Awards (one award for each category)
    These awards will be given out to faculty, staff, and students for their outstanding contribution to Northern Illinois University (NIU), serving students and enhancing the quality of life at NIU. 

  • Outstanding Greek Advocate (2 – One fraternity and one sorority member)
    The recipient of this award represents Fraternity and Sorority Life in a positive, motivational manner and upholds the virtues of a well-rounded Greek member and NIU student. This individual promotes their own Greek Chapter, in addition to Greek Life collectively, to the campus and fellow students. The person to be awarded with "Outstanding Greek Advocate" displays the traits of a respected and dedicated leader within the Greek community.

  • Outstanding Chapter President (2 – One fraternity and one sorority member)
    The recipient of this award has proven to be an effective, motivated, and driven leader. The Chapter President honored with this award displays conviction, integrity, and determination within their role. They serve as a role model for chapter members and within the Greek Community. This "Outstanding Chapter President" understands their position as a leader within Greek Life at NIU and acts in a professional, respectful manner.

  • Outstanding Greek Relations (2 – One fraternity and one sorority member)
    The recipient of this award embodies the qualities of a great member of the NIU Greek Community. As a Fraternity or Sorority member, it is important to maintain open lines of communication and relationships with those in your organization, as well as all chapters and councils. This individual has reached out to those in the Greek Community and has fostered bonds with other chapters, councils, and members.

  • Student Advocate Award (2 – One fraternity and one sorority member) This recipient is an activist through their service to the campus and its students. This award will be given to someone who has exemplified the meaning of advocacy. This individual is not afraid to speak up or be a shoulder to lean on for fellow students. Their service for their peers is measured through their accomplishments with organizations or the individual services.

  • Student Leader Award (2)This award will be given to someone that is seen as a leader in the organization in which he or she belongs. This person may serve in a formal leadership role or in a more supportive capacity within their organization.

  • Outstanding Organization This award will be given to an organization that has gone out of their way to partner with different organizations and departments to put on events that are beneficial to our campus, community, and environment. This successful organization knows how to reach out to the community and make a lasting impact.

  • Outstanding Resource Center The Outstanding Resource award will be given to a department that has provided outstanding services to NIU students and planned events that bring NIU students together. While there are numerous departments that have performed with outstanding qualities, this award acknowledges the department that goes above and beyond to ensure NIU students a prosperous collegiate career with superb customer service.

  • Student Athlete of the Year The recipient of this award performs well athletically as well as academically at the university. This person demonstrates the ability to meet university standards and go above and beyond to achieve well-rounded success.

  • Outstanding Cultural Center This award is given to the Cultural Department that went above and beyond this year to serve its students and the entire NIU community. This award is given to the most influential cultural resource center. This center shows the most impact on their willingness to improve the campus for all.

  • Most Outstanding Student This award will be given to a student who not only excels in their academics, but is also heavily involved in serving the NIU and Dekalb community through student involvement. This student has shown through their services, ambition, and great moral that they are a true Huskie.

  • Steven R. Agee II Award

  • "Eli Whitney Award of Excellence", Recognizing Outstanding Non-Traditional Students
    In Partnership with Off-Campus & Non-Traditional Student Services. This award will be given to a student who identifies as non-traditional in that he or she is one or more of the following: student parent, transfer student, commuter, or adult learner. This student will be chosen based on character, leadership, citizenship, as well as his or her academic successes. He or she shows exemplary character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism and loyalty in helping to create a positive university environment.

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