The Wilma D. Stricklin 2002 Award:
Patricia Vary

Dr. Patricia Vary, Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences has been affiliated with NIU for 29 years. She has been an active researcher and an educator. A leader in improving the climate for women in science on campus including mentoring junior faculty and most recently a leader for the Women in Science (WIS) floor on campus. Her work with pay equality, promotion, and workload equity has helped all women on campus, they can be confident that women are being treated similarly to their male counterparts partly due to Pat's persistence. She has opened her home to young talented women scientists to encourage networking, mentoring, and interaction with other female undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.

As a successful scientist herself, with life experience as a professor, chairperson, and an award-winning researcher, Professor Vary is keenly sensitive to the variety of issues that these women will face and continue to face. Professor Vary has distinguished herself in making NIU a better campus for women. Overall in her role on campus as a mentor, leader and friend for women of all levels (undergraduate, graduate, staff, and faculty). Her dedicaton to women at NIU has improved the quality of life on campus for all.