Operating Staff Council Meeting

Minutes 3/13/08

Holmes Student Center, Room 406 – 9 A.M.


Present:            Judy Burgess, Gay Campbell, Marcia Dick, Linda Jennings, Theresa Kinniry, Jay Monteiro, Danell Nixon, Andy Small, Brenda Smith, Karen Smith, Jesse Tellez


Absent:             Elizabeth Buck, Sara Clayton, Glenda Jones, Alan Smith, LaRonda Thuestad


Guests: Bobbie Cesarek, Tim Griffin, Jelmir Atkins, Dave Scharenberg


I.          Call to Order


President Jay Monteiro called the regular meeting of the Operating Staff Council to order at 9:05 a.m. on Thursday, March 13, 2008.


II.        Approval of Agenda


A motion was made to accept the agenda with one addition. The motion was seconded and passed.


III.       Approval of Minutes of the February 14, 2008, Meeting


A motion was made to accept the minutes.  The motion was seconded and passed.


IV.       Treasurer’s Report


The treasurer was absent and no treasurer’s report was given.


V.        Announcements/Correspondence


-                      Monteiro passed around condolence letters from the comparable civil service councils from Virginia Tech and Otterbein College in Ohio that were sent in response to the shooting on February 14, 2008. Virginia Tech also sent a poster signed by all of the members of the council there. Condolences were also received from the First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Georgia.


Marcia Dick suggested that the Council make a donation to the memorial fund that has been established in response to the shooting. Andy Small made a motion that the Council make a $250 donation and Dick seconded the motion. The motion passed.


-                     Monteiro passed around a brochure developed by Student Affairs offering information on how to find help for the emotional fallout from the shooting.


-                     Monteiro passed around the Secretarial Advisory Council (SAC) minutes. The SAC has updated their Who-to-Call list.


-                     Monteiro passed around a flyer about the Administrative Professionals Day Seminar for women on April 22.


 VI.      Committee Reports


            A.        Personnel/Staff Development/Benefits  - No Report


            B.        Elections and Appointments-


Gay Campbell passed around a draft copy of the Candidate Interest Sheet that will be sent to all Operating Staff employees for the upcoming elections. Campbell said there will be six openings this year. Campbell said the sheets will be printed and sent out by Monday.


            C.        Special Events –


LaRonda Thuestad was not present at the meeting, but Small pointed out that a new person is needed to solicit prize donations. Small suggested that the theme of the event be “Forward, Together Forward” since this is the official theme of the recovery movement following the shooting.


D.                Public Relations –


Monteiro reported that Clare Williams would like to have four or five people to gather some background information regarding the establishment of the new endowment fund.  However, Williams said he felt that in light of the recent tragedy, it would not be a good time to try to solicit donations for the endowment. It was suggested that the official campaign kickoff be postponed until the StaffFest event in August.


E.                 Visiting Committees/Guests – None


            F.         Employee Advisory Council (EAC) –


Monteiro reported that the EAC Merit Board met February 20, 2008, in Urbana.  Elections of officers were held. There was an update on the 2009 budget.  NIU will be audited in November.


            G.        UAC – No Report


H.                University Council –


Monteiro reported that the University Council met on February 20, 2008.  He said most of the discussion was about the shooting on February 14, 2008.


I.                   Faculty Senate-


Monteiro reported on the Faculty Senate. Highlights included:


-                     Two condolence letters – one from California State University and one from Virginia Tech.


-                     The NIU Connect system. This is a new student record system slated to be online in the Fall of 2008.


-                     The fate of Cole Hall. Faculty members were concerned about the Anthropology Museum in the basement of Cole.


VII.     Old Business  -


            A.        Wellness Fair


The annual Wellness Fair will be held March 26, 2008, at the Holmes Student Center. A sign up sheet was passed around so members of the Council could sign up for which hour they will work at the Council table. Small made a motion that money be allocated for the purchase of door prizes for the Wellness Fair. It was decided that no more than $25 be spent on each prize. Some prizes will be donated. The motion was seconded and passed.


VIII.     New Business –


            A. Virginia Tech Anniversary


It was suggested that the Council send a message of condolence to the Staff Senate at Virginia Tech on the one-year anniversary of the shooting there. It was suggested that a poster be made and that each Council member sign the poster and send it to Virginia Tech.


IX.       Adjournment – A motion was made and approved at 10:40 a.m. to adjourn.