MINUTES 6/10/04

8:30AM – Holmes Student Center 406


Present:   Judy Burgess, Sara Clayton, Marcia Dick, Linda Jennings, Glenda Jones, Theresa Kinniry, Jay Monteiro, Dena Olson, Andy Small, Donna Smith, LaRonda Thuestad, and Rachel Turner.  


Absent:      Elizabeth Buck, Gay Campbell, Michele Crase, Joe Koch,


Guests:     Margie Fosche and Jodi Tyrrell.



I.                    Call to Order


The regular meeting of the Operating Staff Council was called to order at 8:40a.m. on Thursday, June 10, 2004, by President Sara Clayton.



II.         Approval of Agenda


A motion was made to accept the agenda as presented.  The motion was seconded and passed.   



III.        Approval of Minutes of May 13, 2004, Meeting


A motion was made to accept the minutes as presented. The motion was seconded and passed.



IV.        Treasurer’s Report


There was no report because Elizabeth Buck was absent.



V.         Announcements/Correspondence


A.      Clayton handed out information regarding the interviews for the Vice President for Student Affairs search.


B.      Clayton circulated a letter from Karen Smith thanking the OSC for participating in the NIU Wellness Fair.  Next years’ Wellness Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2005.


C.      Human Resources sent Clayton an e-mail concerning participation in the Sick Leave Bank Program.  She passed the e-mail around for council members to read.


D.      An NIU employee contacted Clayton suggesting that bus service should be initiated between Rochelle and DeKalb to help employees get relief from the high cost of gasoline.  The employee requested that Clayton present the suggestion to the OSC, which she did.  It was noted that the Student Association operates the bus service.  Several suggestions were made, including bringing the idea to the University Council.  It was also suggested that the employee might look into carpooling.


E.      Clayton presented certificates to Dena Olsen and Judy Burgess, acknowledging their years of membership on the Operating Staff Council.  This was the last meeting for both of them.





VI.        Committee Reports


A.                  Personnel/Staff Developments/Benefits.    


1.         Marcia Dick reported that the committee sent a letter to Michael Rumman, Director of the State Department of Central Management Services, thanking him for supporting the Health Plan RFP so that people could have more health care choices.



B.                  Elections and Appointments.


1.       Linda Jennings distributed ballots to everyone for the nomination of officers.  Those nominated for president were Sara Clayton, Joe Koch, Andy Small, Donna Smith, Linda Jennings, Gay Campbell, and Marcia Dick.  Jennings and Dick declined, all others will think about it and decide later.


2.       Nominations for Vice President:  Rachel Turner, Jay Monteiro, Marcia Dick, Andy Small, LaRonda Thuestad, Linda Jennings, Gay Campbell, Sara Clayton, and Joe Koch.  Small, Thuestad and Jennings declined.  All others will think about it.


3.       Nominations for Secretary:  Joe Koch, Gay Campbell, LaRonda Thuestad, Theresa Kinniry, Glenda Jones, Marcia Dick, Jay Monteiro, Michele Crase, Elizabeth Buck.  Buck, Campbell, Thuestad, Smith, Dick, and Monteiro all declined.  The others will think about it.


4.       Nominations for Treasurer:  Elizabeth Buck, Rachel Turner, Glenda Jones, Marcia Dick, Jay Monteiro, Andy Small, LaRonda Thuestad, Theresa Kinniry, Joe Koch, and Michele Crase.  Dick, Small, Thuestad, and Kinniry all declined.  The others will decide after thinking about it.


5.       Jennings updated OSC on the status of applications for committees and commissions.  The deadline for applications is June 30, 2004.


C.                  Public Relations


1.       Turner and Monteiro gave a combined report.  The newsletter was just sent out.  President Peters will contribute the next letter for the President’s corner, the one Clayton usually does.



2.       The committee is working on an informational flier for new employees.


D.                  Visiting Committees/Guests.


Dick reported on the Search for the Athletic Director.  A search firm has been hired and there will be a national search.  The committee wants to have the Athletic Director on board by August or September. 


E.                  EAC – No meeting.  The next meeting will be July 15-16, 2004.


F.                  UAC – No meeting.


            G.         University Council – No report.






H.                  Special Events Committee 


LaRonda Thuestad reported that she had contacted Karen Villano, the person who replaced Phyllis Roush, regarding the food and increase in prices for Staff Fest. The prize patrol will be going shopping soon.  Representative Pritchard is planning to attend StaffFest.


During the discussion of rising food costs at Holmes Student Center, the possibility of moving the OSC meetings to Neptune was mentioned.  Jennings volunteered to contact Food Services to investigate the costs and rooms available for meetings.



VII.               Old Business


A.               Council of Councils Meeting


Andy Small reported that he had committee sign-up sheets and would pass them around for everyone to sign up for at least one, but preferably several committees.  The big day is scheduled for Friday, October 15, 2004, in the Sky Room.  We should all plan to wear NIU colors that day.  We will need transportation for a tour of the campus.  Council members will need to sign up for committee assignments for parking passes for our guests, for meal planning, decorations, etc.  Tom Morelock is planning to attend.  There will also be a presentation by EAC.


B.               Bylaws/Constitution Changes


Donna Smith passed out copies of changes to the Bylaws.  There was discussion about the committees that the OSC president should be required to attend.  Smith announced that there would need to be a second reading in July.



VIII.      New Business – No new business.



IX.                ADJOURNMENT


             A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 a.m.   Motion seconded and passed.  




Judy Burgess

Acting OSC Secretary