Mission, Values & Vision

Mission Statement

The University Honors Program at Northern Illinois University promotes and supports excellence in undergraduate education by providing honors students from all disciplines with enhanced learning opportunities that:

  • include small courses taught by outstanding faculty committed to undergraduate education;
  • encourage students to reflect and inquire;
  • develop critical thinking skills; and
  • develop high-level literacy and conversational skills.

This mission is supported by:

  • identifying exceptionally talented and highly motivated students and encouraging them to participate in the Honors Program;
  • providing a living and learning environment that promotes academic excellence; and
  • organizing and delivering extra-curricular programs that help students to cultivate an understanding of the excellence in what is thought, written, and created in the human experience.

These activities create an environment in which students are challenged to develop their talents and abilities to the maximum potential.

Adopted: December 7, 2007

Values Statement

The following values drive the University Honors Program to achieve its mission:

  • Excellence and academic rigor
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Interdisciplinary connections
  • Global engagement
  • High quality faculty-student interactions
  • Academically supported living and learning experiences

These values are directed toward understanding the foundations of human inquiry and addressing questions of permanent importance to human well-being. This includes the development of high-level literacy and conversational skills and the ability to understand science and technology as well as make sound judgments about ethical and political arguments.

Vision Statement

The University Honors Program aspires to be a national model in providing living and learning environments in which students from all disciplines are challenged to develop their talents and abilities to the maximum potential to thrive and contribute in a global society.

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