About Us

Health Enhancement's Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Health Enhancement provides essential health promotion initiatives that are designed to enhance the educational experience of students; staff facilitates opportunities that empower students to make healthy lifestyle and socially responsible choices, and advocates for health-promoting policies and conditions that result in a healthier campus community.


Our Vision

A healthy campus community where personal and social responsibility for the well-being of all is integrated into the culture of the institution.


Student Health and Academic Success


Student Health and Academic SuccessHealth Enhancement is the health promotion department within the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management at Northern Illinois University. Health Enhancement provides student-centered, relevant health promotion information, materials, and interventions to assist students as they pursue their academic goals.  Located in Chick Evans Field House, Health Enhancement can provide a large selection of health-related materials, help with personal health issues, and health information for class projects or student organizations.

Health information is provided via presentations and training for academic classes and student organizations, outreach events, mobile and stationary resource sites, individual and professional consultations, electronic and print media.

In partnership with other NIU departments and offices, Health Enhancement sponsors and participates in a number of health events and programs.  See our Programs & Services page for more information.