Colin J. Booth

Colin J. Booth

Professor Emeritus

Educational Background

B.Sc. 1974; Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom

Ph.D. 1984; Geology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Specialty Areas

  • Mining Hydrology 
  • Analysis of groundwater flow systems
  • Aquifer studies

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Note: Dr. Booth retired from NIU in 2014 and is therefore not taking on any more graduate students.

Research Activities

* Mining hydrogeology: especially groundwater hydrology of underground coal mining and mine subsidence, and hydrogeological controls of groundwater flow and occurrence in coalfield settings.

* Analysis of groundwater flow systems and their application to groundwater resource evaluation and protection and environmental siting problems.

* Past research conducted with students has covered a broad range of aquifer studies and environmental hydrogeological problems: See list of graduate student theses and dissertations

Selected Publications

Booth, C.J., Greer, C.B., 2011. Application of MODFLOW using TMR and discrete-step modification of hydraulic properties to simulate the hydrogeological impact of longwall mining subsidence on overlying shallow aquifers. Mine Water - Managing the Challenges: Proc. 11th IMWA Congress, Aachen, Germany, Sept. 2011, p. 211-216.

Booth C.J. and Greer C.B., 2010. Modeling the Hydrologic Effects of Longwall Mining on the Shallow Aquifer System Using MODFLOW with TMR, August 2010: 95 pp. US Department of Interior, Office of Surface Mining Technology Transfer.

Greer, C.B., Booth, C.J., 2010. Modeling recharge into shallow glacial and deep bedrock aquifers related to the Troy Bedrock Valley system, DeKalb Co., Illinois. GSA NC-SC Section Meeting, Branson, MO, April 2010: Abstracts with Programs, v. 42(2).

Booth, C.J., 2007. Confined-unconfined changes above longwall coal mining due to increases in fracture porosity. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, v. 13, no. 7, p. 355-367.

Booth, C.J., Gillet, S.P., Singhal, A., Greer, C.B., 2007. Evaluation of groundwater recharge in an urbanizing, glacial/bedrock aquifer setting, Illinois, by field, GIS and modeling methods. (Abstract). National Ground Water Association, 2007 Groundwater Summit, April 29 - May 3, 2007, Albuquerque, NM.

Booth, C.J., 2006. Groundwater as an environmental constraint of longwall coal mining. Environmental Geology, v. 49, no. 6, p. 796-803

Booth, C.J., 2002. The Effects of longwall coal mining on overlying aquifers.  In: Younger P.L. and Robins N.S. (eds.), Mine Water Hydrogeology and Geochemistry, Geological Society, London, Special Publication 198, p. 17-45.

Karaman, A., Carpenter, P. J., Booth, C.J., 2001.  Type-curve analysis of water-level changes induced by a longwall mine.  Environmental Geology, 40: 897-901.

Booth, C.J., Bauer, R.A., Curtiss, A.M., DeMaris, P.J., 2000. Site-specific variation in the potentiometric response to subsidence above active longwall mining. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, v. 6, no. 4, p. 383-394.

Booth, C.J., Curtiss, A.M., DeMaris, P.J., Van Roosendaal, D.J., 1999. Anomalous increases in piezometric levels in advance of longwall mining subsidence. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, v. 5, no. 4, p. 407-418.

Booth, C.J., Bertsch, L.P., 1999. Groundwater geochemistry in shallow aquifers above longwall mines in Illinois. Hydrogeology Journal, v. 7, no. 6, p. 561-575.

Booth, C.J., 1998. Integrated hydrogeological approach to site selection criteria for a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility in Illinois. in: Gambling with Groundwater (Van Brahana et al., eds.): Proc. 28th Congress, Inter. Assoc. Hydrogeologists, Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 1998: p. 305-310.

Booth, C.J., Spande, E.D., Pattee, C.T., Miller, J.D., Bertsch, L.P., 1998. Positive and negative impacts of longwall mining on a sandstone aquifer. Environmental Geology, v. 34, no. 2/3, p. 223-233.


Licensed Professional Geologist (PG), Illinois

Employment Experience

  • 1974-75 Exploration Logging International: Geologist/Logger
  • 1976-78 Anglian Water Authority, UK: Hydrogeological Assistant
  • 1984-2014 Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences, Northern Illinois University:
    • Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor
    • Department Chair, 2008-2014
    • Professor Emeritus, 2014

Other Professional Offices and Experience

  • Consultant in hydrogeology and mining hydrology
  • Technical advisor for environmental/groundwater projects
  • Illinois Mine Subsidence Research Program, Technical Committee 1987-1993
  • Illinois Low-level Radioactive Waste Task Group, 1995-2013
  • Illinois Groundwater Association, Board 1999-2001, Chairman 2002 
  • International Association of Hydrogeologists, US Board 1997-2008, Sec-Treas 2001-2004
  • International Mine Water Association, Executive Council 1994-2014
  • Associate Editor, Mine Water & the Environment (IMWA Journal), 2001-2008