Colin J. Booth

Colin J. Booth

Professor Emeritus

Educational Background

B.Sc. 1974; Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom

Ph.D. 1984; Geology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Specialty Areas

  • Mining Hydrology 
  • Analysis of groundwater flow systems
  • Aquifer studies

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Note: Dr. Booth retired from NIU in 2014 and is therefore not taking on any more graduate students.

Research Activities

* Mining hydrogeology: especially groundwater hydrology of underground coal mining and mine subsidence, and hydrogeological controls of groundwater flow and occurrence in coalfield settings.

* Analysis of groundwater flow systems and their application to groundwater resource evaluation and protection and environmental siting problems.

* Past research conducted with students has covered a broad range of aquifer studies and environmental hydrogeological problems: See list of graduate student theses and dissertations

Selected Publications

Booth, C.J., Greer, C.B., 2011. Application of MODFLOW using TMR and discrete-step modification of hydraulic properties to simulate the hydrogeological impact of longwall mining subsidence on overlying shallow aquifers. Mine Water - Managing the Challenges: Proc. 11th IMWA Congress, Aachen, Germany, Sept. 2011, p. 211-216.

Booth C.J. and Greer C.B., 2010. Modeling the Hydrologic Effects of Longwall Mining on the Shallow Aquifer System Using MODFLOW with TMR, August 2010: 95 pp. US Department of Interior, Office of Surface Mining Technology Transfer (2007 Project List): View/Download PDF

Greer, C.B., Booth, C.J., 2010. Modeling recharge into shallow glacial and deep bedrock aquifers related to the Troy Bedrock Valley system, DeKalb Co., Illinois. GSA NC-SC Section Meeting, Branson, MO, April 2010: Abstracts with Programs, v. 42(2).

Booth, C.J., 2007. Confined-unconfined changes above longwall coal mining due to increases in fracture porosity. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, v. 13, no. 7, p. 355-367.

Booth, C.J., Gillet, S.P., Singhal, A., Greer, C.B., 2007. Evaluation of groundwater recharge in an urbanizing, glacial/bedrock aquifer setting, Illinois, by field, GIS and modeling methods. (Abstract). National Ground Water Association, 2007 Groundwater Summit, April 29 - May 3, 2007, Albuquerque, NM.

Booth, C.J., 2006. Groundwater as an environmental constraint of longwall coal mining. Environmental Geology, v. 49, no. 6, p. 796-803

Booth, C.J., 2002. The Effects of longwall coal mining on overlying aquifers.  In: Younger P.L. and Robins N.S. (eds.), Mine Water Hydrogeology and Geochemistry, Geological Society, London, Special Publication 198, p. 17-45.

Karaman, A., Carpenter, P. J., Booth, C.J., 2001.  Type-curve analysis of water-level changes induced by a longwall mine.  Environmental Geology, 40: 897-901.

Booth, C.J., Bauer, R.A., Curtiss, A.M., DeMaris, P.J., 2000. Site-specific variation in the potentiometric response to subsidence above active longwall mining. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, v. 6, no. 4, p. 383-394.

Booth, C.J., Curtiss, A.M., DeMaris, P.J., Van Roosendaal, D.J., 1999. Anomalous increases in piezometric levels in advance of longwall mining subsidence. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, v. 5, no. 4, p. 407-418.

Booth, C.J., Bertsch, L.P., 1999. Groundwater geochemistry in shallow aquifers above longwall mines in Illinois. Hydrogeology Journal, v. 7, no. 6, p. 561-575.

Booth, C.J., 1998. Integrated hydrogeological approach to site selection criteria for a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility in Illinois. in: Gambling with Groundwater (Van Brahana et al., eds.): Proc. 28th Congress, Inter. Assoc. Hydrogeologists, Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 1998: p. 305-310.

Booth, C.J., Spande, E.D., Pattee, C.T., Miller, J.D., Bertsch, L.P., 1998. Positive and negative impacts of longwall mining on a sandstone aquifer. Environmental Geology, v. 34, no. 2/3, p. 223-233.


Licensed Professional Geologist (PG), Illinois

Employment Experience

  • 1974-75 Exploration Logging International: Geologist/Logger
  • 1976-78 Anglian Water Authority, UK: Hydrogeological Assistant
  • 1984-2014 Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences, Northern Illinois University:
    • Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor
    • Department Chair, 2008-2014
    • Professor Emeritus, 2014

Other Professional Offices and Experience

  • Consultant in hydrogeology and mining hydrology
  • Technical advisor for environmental/groundwater projects
  • llinois Mine Subsidence Research Program, Technical Committee 1987-1993
  • Illinois Low-level Radioactive Waste Task Group, 1995-2013
  • Illinois Groundwater Association, Board 1999-2001, Chairman 2002 
  • International Association of Hydrogeologists, US Board 1997-2008, Sec-Treas 2001-2004
  • International Mine Water Association, Executive Council 1994-2014
  • Associate Editor, Mine Water & the Environment (IMWA Journal), 2001-2008