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Local Map

Davis HallDavis Hall, which houses the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, is located on Normal Road in the eastern part of the NIU campus, about 1/10th of a mile north of the intersection of State Highway 38 (Lincoln Highway) and Normal Road. It is a seven story-building with an observatory. The picture at right is taken from the west.

Visitor parking is located one block west of Normal Road on Carroll Avenue, but mind the one-way streets leading that way from Normal Road. Use Locust, the second street north of Lincoln Highway, not Lincoln Terrace, the first one. The entrance to the lot will be obvious to you accross from the west end of Locust Street.

The large parking structure between Locust and Lincoln Terrace is for parking by permit only. Temporary permits can be purchased at the Campus Parking Services office, located at the east end of Lincoln Terrace. Parking without a permit will result in a citation, which is more expensive than the permit and considerably more bother.

Note: For those using Interstate 88 it is best to use the Annie Glidden Rd. exit. You pay a toll at both DeKalb exits.