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Welcome to the Geology Club


Geology Club

The purpose of the Northern Illinois University Geology Club is to enhance the undergraduate experience and to open doors to students interested in getting more involved in their major and in learning about the other resources the NIU geology department has to offer.

The direction of NIU Geology Club is to enhance the undergraduate student experience of students within the NIU Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences through geologic excursions, organizing geology-oriented get-togethers, and facilitates personal knowledge growth and volunteer opportunities.

Get involved, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

Special Dates:

SGE Kickball Game: September 11th @ Katz Park from 4pm to 6pm
Wisconsin Quarry Visit: September 19th from 8am to 6pm
StemFest: October 18th from (usually) 10am to 2pm
AIPG Meeting: October 28th from 5pm to 9pm

Fall 2015 Club Committee Board:

President - Elaine Lord (z1775430@students.niu.edu)
Vice President - Jessica Mckay
Secretary - Michael Goers
Treasurer - Joseph Abrams

Club Faculty Advisor - Dr. Paul Stoddard (pstoddard@niu.edu)

Club Email - NiuGeologyClub@gmail.com