Department Personnel

Walker Ashley

   Walker Ashley

       Davis Hall, Room 219D

       Ph. D. University of Georgia
       Certified Consulting Meteorologist


Research Emphasis: Meteorology, Climatology, Hazards, GIS

Specific Research Endeavors

I am an atmospheric scientist and physical geographer with interests in geophysical hazards and societal interactions, severe storms, applied climatology and meteorology, and the use of GIS in the atmospheric sciences. My current research focuses on 1) quantifying how human exposure and vulnerability factors contribute to weather-related disasters, 2) how urbanization and other land covers/uses influence thunderstorm initiation and intensity, 3) radar-based climatologies of organized thunderstorms, and 4) weather hazard impacts on transportation systems. In the past, I have investigated the climatology and hazards of widespread and long-lived windstorms known as derechos, the rainfall patterns of thunderstorm complexes, the importance of increasing population and suburban sprawl on tornado vulnerability, and the geographies of tornado, convective and nonconvective wind, flood, lightning, and rip current fatalities in the U.S.

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