Department Personnel

Ryan James

    Ryan James     

       Davis Hall, Room 203

      Assistant Professor
      Ph. D. University of North Carolina
      at Charlotte 


Research Emphasis: 
Economic Geography, Regional Growth, Location Theory & Geographic Models

Specific Research Endeavors

I am an Economic Geographer who is interested in creating a better understanding of the processes and causes of regional growth. My research focuses in two broad areas; the macro scale movement of investment across regions (interregional growth), and what regions can do to influence that movement of investment and localized firm movement (intraregional growth).

My current research is focused on the convergence process, and convergence model specification. At the broad scale, I have ongoing projects examining beta convergence in the United States. These projects examine beta convergence at multiple scales and spatial model specifications in order to examine the degree to which the factors that influence convergence vary across scale, but also to identify the “true” underlying spatial structure of convergence. These studies include both income and cost of living convergence. At the intraregional scale, my current research is more focused on the firm. This line is presently focused on the degree in which individual “high growth” firms drive regional economic growth, and the degree to which their relocation influences changes in regional growth trajectories.