GEOG 413: Forest Ecology and Management


Natural Environmental Systems


GEOG 322 or BIOS 103, or consent of department.

Course Description

Forest species regeneration, growth and mortality. Past and present environmental conditions, disturbances, and forest processes. Tree identification, forest measures, and field methods.

This course introduces students to the field of forest ecology, which emphasizes the quantitative description of spatial and temporal patterns of forest change at stand, landscape, and global scales and tree identification, forest measures, and field methods. We will discuss both natural and human forest processes as well as consider the interaction between humans and forested environments. We will discuss theories and methods used to understand forest processes, using examples from around the world.

Course Objectives

  • Have a basic understanding of forest structure and function
  • Understand the ways in which humans have altered forest ecosystems
  • Enhance their written communication skills
  • Enhance their oral communication skills
  • Become proficient at quantifying and statistically analyzing forest data
  • Gain experience reading and interpreting scientific literature

Course Format

Exams, seminars, labs, and a research essay.